7 years from now
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7 Years From Now Game: Singleplayer Narrative Role Playing Match

7 years from now download PC
7 years from now download PC free
7 years from now download full version
7 years from now download free
7 years from now download PC
7 years from now download PC free
7 years from now download full version
7 years from now download free

Lost memories, missing pieces and seven years of the unknown. You play the main character who has forgotten everything that happened from an incident seven years ago. Your goal is to solve the mystery behind the accident and piece together the fragments of your memories. 7 Years From Now is an emotional tale of love, loss and lark that will stay in your mind forever. Play the award-winning 7 Years From Now on PC. “I’ll be Waiting For You, 7 Years From Now…”

Who could have said that? For all you know, that person wasn’t around when you woke up from a seven-year coma. The people around you look familiar yet distant. Who could they be? Where are your parents? What happened to your home? But, most of all, who are you? Uncover a tale filled with fantastic characters, an immersive narrative and a simplistic presentation that will have you hooked for its overall gameplay.

A Purely Story-Driven RPG

No killing, no action, no thrills. 7 Years From Now PC is a heartfelt game where the story is the main drive. You circle a small town where every region brings back some pieces of your memories. The people around you may help you find out the answers that are buried in your head. Most of all, every corner of town presents clues that will bring you closer to your forgotten past.

The game is also a mixture of point and clicks adventure and a light, open world. There are turn-based strategies involved, nor are there any significant action moments. Best of all, you can finish the game for free. That means no paywalls and no aggressive marketing. This game is made with pure passion from the developers of hiraya-space. Prepare yourself for a voyage full of feels and laughs.

How to Play 7 Years From Now PC

Make sure to complete the 7 Years From Now download before proceeding. Your main objective is to roam around town and ask people about what happened seven years ago. You have a journal in your inventory that shows segments that you must complete.

These are different missions where you need to interact with the NPCs and solve certain items. Some locations bring answers to critical questions too. Overall, you can complete the game within a few hours. However, it is worth replaying thanks to its deep and enriching story that may shock you the second time you play. Try 7 Years From Now with friends!

7 Years From Now PC Game Features

  • Deep and engrossing storyline
  • A unique puzzle solving mechanic
  • Great and interesting characters
  • Emotional music and more
  • Best for players who love a good narrative

Adventure games are one of the most fun and challenging games to play with friends. If you’re looking for more thrilling and action-packed match, catch PAC-MAN or AdVenture Capitalist all for free now!




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