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The Best Free to Download PC Versions of Your Favorite Games

You might be wondering why we have mobile games in this website. Well, that is because here at Games.lol, we give you access to play mobile games on the PC without using a heavy 3rd party Android emulator. With our latest technology, you can play your favorite mobile titles on your desktop with minimum hassle – absolutely free.

You can download free PC games here – no paid subscriptions, no hidden details, no fooling around. After all, we have standards for providing top-quality free to play games on PC. Choose from a wide assortment of games including Action, Adventure, Multiplayer, RPG, Racing and more. There are no limits to how many games you want to download, so feel free to select whatever you like. Gaming is our passion and we would like to share that with you. To get started, click the download button in the game of your choice!

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How to Download Free PC Games

All you got to do is go to our website and check out the best free pc games on the front page. Choose the one you like and click on the download button. It’s easy just like that! The computer games download straightaway without any use of 3rd party programs. And yes, they are free full games after download. They’re not demos; they’re free full games.

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Different Genres to Cater to Your Need

All the games are sorted based on their genre. For example, if you want a racing game to download like Need for Speed, head on over to the Racing Games tab. You should see all sorts of car racing games for free download. Best of all, there are no limits to how many free downloadable games you want to have at once!

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The Best New (and Classic) PC Games

The latest and greatest titles rest in our library. The most popular PC games, as well as retro free online computer games, are available to download here at Games.lol. Fun free PC games to download date from today all the way back to 2009 when casual F2P games started to boom. Free Windows games always present itself as the “comfort food” for casual players. Here, we showcase top free PC games like a grand meal!

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Single-player or Multiplayer: You Choose

Whether you’re looking for platform games to play on the computer or competitive multiplayer games on PC for free, Games.lol also has you covered! That also means you can cross-play with players online whether they play on PC or any other devices! Now that’s revolutionary in casual online computer games.

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