About Games.lol

Games.lol is all about fun and convenience. You can play your favorite mobile games in a more direct approach. Experience the best titles from the comfort of your PC. Forget having to use CPU-hungry emulators. Stop worrying about optimized gameplay and never play on your browser anymore. We have hundreds of mobile games in our library that you can exclusively play on your PC. Best of all, they are all free!

Games.lol History


Founded in 2018, Games.lol provides a fast game launcher that houses hundreds of free-to-play Android games so you never have to open a heavy emulator engine just to play a quick gacha RPG or have a ranked match in a competitive MOBA. Our organization is composed of a group of passionate games from different parts of the world whose goal is to get you playing mobile games directly on your desktop. We are composed of experts in programming, management, and creative writing that make Games.lol possible.

The LOLA Technology

Thanks to our exclusive Patent Pending Gaming Engine that makes fantasy into reality: not just emulating a mobile game, but turning it into a full-on desktop PC game. Unlike many emulators, we use a system called “ghost emulation” – the process of converting Android titles into dedicated exe files that you can run directly on your PC.
Mobile games on the computer always require an emulator such as Bluestacks, NOX or Gameloop in order to run it; most of the time, it tends to hurt your PC’s CPU due to how much memory it eats up which causes unnecessary slowdowns.

About Games.lol

Why Choose Games.lol?

Games.lol is a hub for mobile games that you can play on your PC. We use an entirely different method from other emulators like Bluestacks, Gameloop, NOX and MEMU: by letting you experience your favorite mobile games like legit PC games.

“But what if I have a low-budget PC?” That alright. Our client and games consume very minimum resources from your PC. Forget the laggy game installations and computer-breaking crashes. Our app is optimized to let you play without eating up a lot of your CPU.

How to Download the LOLA Platform


About Games.lol
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About Games.lol
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About Games.lol
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About Games.lol
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