Anger Of Stick 4 - Battle Your Way Through In A City Full Of Enemies

Anger Of Stick 4


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About this Game

What would you do if you enter a city that is full of enemies looking to beat you up? Well, you just fight your way through it. This is what you’ll do when you play the action fighting game Anger Of Stick 4. It’s a game that’s published by Blue GNC Inc. where you will be battling numerous enemies coming at you as you move forward. And the only way to clear each level is by surviving and eliminating all waves of enemies.

This action game is the latest sequel to the well-known Anger Of Stick game. In this game, you will be fighting enemies using various combos and skills. You can also make use of different weapons or use various heroes to fight against enemies. Let’s discuss in more detail how to play this game.

How to Play Anger Of Stick 4

When you first start playing Anger Of Stick 4, you will be directed to purchase your first hero. Then you will be asked to click the “I” symbol to see the combos that your hero can do, as well as the game’s different controls.

Once done, you can start fighting on the first level. When you start, you will be fighting enemies one at a time as you move forward. But, as you progress to higher levels, the enemies you start facing become numerous. You can use the various combos available to you to defeat enemies. Moreover, you will get access to more powerful skills and weapons as you progress further and you level up your heroes.

You also earn resources after completing levels or quests, which you can use to purchase more powerful heroes to help you battle the waves of enemies coming at you. Always remember that you can move forward and back, so you don’t always have to be in the thick of the battle against multiple enemies at once. The goal is to defeat and survive the wave, so not dying is also important in the game.

If you feel a little tired with all of the button-pushing and moving around in Anger Of Stick 4, you can always let your hero battle automatically. The game has an auto-battle function, where your hero will be controlled by the AI and battle against the enemies automatically.

Anger Of Stick 4 Features

  • Different heroes for you to collect and use in battle.
  • RPG growth element with its level up system and character reinforcement system.
  • Play with friends using the game’s Team Battle Mode.
  • Let your hero battle automatically with the automatic battle function.
  • Free to play on PC

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