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Angry Birds Star Wars Jedi angry birds star wars free full version
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Play Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Online: Twice the Fun & Excitement

Angry Birds Star Wars Target Aim
Angry Birds Star Wars Glass Smash
Angry Birds Star Wars Level Cleared
angry birds star wars naboo invasion
Angry Birds Star Wars Accomplished Level
Angry Birds Star Wars Target Aim
Angry Birds Star Wars Glass Smash
Angry Birds Star Wars Level Cleared
angry birds star wars naboo invasion
Angry Birds Star Wars Accomplished Level

In Angry Birds Star Wars 2, you’ll have twice as much fun with two of your favorite game installments! If you have played the Angry Birds in the past, then this game will excite you as much as the other installments. Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of Star Wars, then be amazed at this game that will fuel your inner Jedi! This game will also cover if you wish to help the Bird Side or join the Evil Pork Side. The choice is yours and definitely, the adventure you partake in will be awesome. This entertaining game is one of the top games you should play if you want unending fun!

A Game with Physics at Play

This game entails the use of your basic Physics know-how. In a way, it tests how you aim your birds or pigs to the target. Game controls on the PC are so easy that’s why players of all ages are hooked to this game. From kids to adults, anyone will not have a hard time playing this game.

Despite its easy controls, it can be difficult if you play the game without much thinking. That’s where the puzzle is at play. You can plan first before making your move. Also, you have to make sure that you’ll be able to defeat the pigs with your strategy. Since physics is at play here, you have to be realistic with your aim as well. If you want to experience the Force, check out the game today and download the game on your desktop!

Classic Gameplay & Easy Controls

All of the Angry Birds franchises have a common mechanic that’s why it’s easy to understand. You just have to slingshot the bird and let it fly towards the target on the other side of the screen. Then, the flying bird must be able to destroy the base of the pigs. Here, the lightsaber serves as the slingshot. The instructions are pretty much the same too. The birds, however, are different and the physics that you need to apply are slightly changed as well. For every story in the video game, there are 20 levels that you have to finish.

There is a map that you have to follow along with as you play the game. You can choose to play as the bird or pig for each episode. Moreover, the villains will be either of the opposites of the character you choose. Bosses are also present in the game so you need to upgrade and level up to be able to beat them.

Earn as many points in the game so that you unlock some rewards. Different target characters will be present and will remind you mostly of Star Wars. The entire game has, in total, 362 levels. Additionally, in each episode, you get to play the Pork Side and Bird Side. You can be on any side you want in this game!

Things to Look Forward to in this Game

  • Use the lightsaber to propel your bird to rescue friends from the dark pork side
  • Cute, cartoony graphics and entertaining sound effects
  • Experience and interchange the different characters
  • Take those gifts at the end of a mission
  • Master your best angles to win

Excited to try out Angry Birds Star Wars 2? Download it now on this site! Want more games like this? Why don’t you check out Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, Monster Legends – RPG, and our other Simulation Games today!




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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