2x2 pocket cube solver

2x2 Pocket Cube Solver

By Valmanway Limited | 50,000+ Installs

Pocket cube solver will help you unscramble your cube If you have the small 2X2 version of the pocket cube. It's tiny, fast, easy and free! Just map out what your currently messed up cube looks like...

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    A 2x2 Solver at the Palm of your Hand

    Looking for the solution to your favorite cube? Try the 2x2 solver and unlock your pocket cube!

    Using the 2x3 solver

    The 2x2 pocket cube is an easy version of your favorite childhood Rubki’s cube. If you are new to solving the cube or have not been successful in completing the classic Rubik’s cube, the 2x2 solver will be your perfect partner in tackling the puzzle.

    The app is a handy tool to have. It is fairly easy to manoeuvre. You only need to map out your current cube. After showing your jumbled cube, you tap on solve and the on-screen instructions on how to solve the puzzle will be shown on the screen.

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