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The Game of Claws

As much as you want it to be, this is not a parody of the iconic TV series about dragons and thrones. It is, however, is about a diverse collection of claw machines inspired by the iconic prize grab machines commonly seen in the arcade. Each game on this list is in digital form and does not require any tokens to play. One example is the Alien Claw Machine Prize Grab, which, aside from having a cool name, features out-of-this-world parodies of iconic pop-culture characters. The best part is that you can download this prize grab machine free of charge. With that said, if having an Alien Machineon your desktop is too much for you, you can check out other awesome titles below.

Claw Your Way to Prizes

“The clawwwwwww…"
If you love claw machines in the arcades, then we got the right treat for you! We got numerous prizegrab games that you will want to grab and play for your PC. Plus, these games are all free! If you think you saw some of these prizegrab games before, that’s because they’re originally made for the mobile phones. We modified the prizegrab games and made them suitable to play on PC! You can either use a mouse or a keyboard to take control of the claw. Grab as many prizes as much as you can!

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