Amino Acid Quiz

By Sean Burnham | 10,000+ Installs

Learn the names, structural formulas, 1-letter codes, and 3-letter codes for each of the 20 standard amino acids. Test and improve your knowledge of the 20 standard amino acids using this app's custom...

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Want to Know What An Amino Acid Game Is?

The great thing about apps these days is there’s so much content available that you can almost download any kind of app. An amino acid game is definitely a result of the countless apps you can download on the store. The games available for studying amino makes sure that kids and adults who would like a better understanding of how these molecules work will have fun while learning. You can download any amino acid game and make studying exciting for you!

This One's for the Nerds

Not all games are pointless. If you think that all games are made from the same cut, then you are wrong. Not all games are a total waste of time because there are some hidden gems that will allow you to learn while having fun. One of these games is the Amino Acid Quiz. In the game, you will have to answer various trivia about the whole amino acid pool. Amino Acid Pool is a great game if you are trying to memorize all the standard strands of amino acid. Check out the game if you want to learn everything about amino acid.

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