Anime Avatar maker : Anime Character Creator

By ASTIBINE | 100,000+ Installs

If you're a fan of kawaii avatar and anime characters and want to create an avatar of a new manga character, you will definitely love our game, we Offer a large variety of fragments for you to mix and...

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740 ratings

Pocket Chibi - Anime Dress Up

By Lunime | 1,000,000+ Installs

★ Welcome to Pocket Chibi ★ The ultimate Chibi Maker app! Create your own anime styled chibi characters and dress up in your favorite fashion outfits! Choose from thousands of clothes, hairstyles, hat...

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92,238 ratings

Creanime anime character maker

By Pixelware studio | 100,000+ Installs

With Creanime you can create your favorite combination of anime characters and save them as an avatar to use as a profile image, background image, or whatever you like. You can create: -Humans -Kemono...

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1,433 ratings

Chibi Maker - Chibito Studio

By AppsCorp OÜ | 5,000+ Installs

The ultimate Chibi Maker app! You can create variations and different versions of anime chibi characters and dress up these characters by your own fashion taste. Here, you can find more than 500 diffe...

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1,381 ratings

Furry Dress Up

By Anime Dress Up Games | 50,000+ Installs

Good news for all fans of furries and dress up games! Here is a brand new furries avatar creator! Now you can make your own anime character. These furries are so different in our furry maker. They can...

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1,086 ratings

Chibi Doll - Avatar Creator

By Anime Dress Up Games | 50,000+ Installs

That’s a brand new avatar maker and doll dress up game! Now you can make your own character so easily! You can use your pastel doll as an cute avatar for social networks or make kawaii wallpapers with...

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437 ratings

Lovley Avatar: Anime Avatar Maker

By MiiMDev | 5,000+ Installs

Change your appearance completely - make yourself an avatar hd! Create your virtual character and give yourself the look you've always wanted. Just download for free? Animate avatar creator: Create an...

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Cutemii: cute girl avatar maker

By Pixelware studio | 5,000+ Installs

Create your own kawaii avatars <3 With Cutemii you can create characters, save them and export them to be used as avatar icon in your prefered social media! -Cutemii lets you choose from more than...

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Prove that You're the Biggest Otaku!

Otaku fans rejoice! You now have the chance to express your love for anime and manga with the Anime Character Creator. Create your own anime character and design it the way you want it to be, all for free. You will have endless options for customization and design, whether you want your character to look as fierce as Goku or as comical as Saitama. Share your creations to other Otaku lovers in the community and get inspired with other creations, too! Live your dream of creating your own anime and manga character in Anime Character Creator.

Create Your Own Anime Character

Anime since its inception in the entertainment industry has become a staple in the 20th-century pop culture. This Japanese style of animation paved the way to some of the biggest titles in manga, films, television series, and video games. With that said, wouldn’t it be great if you can design or create your own anime character? With Anime Avatar maker: Anime Character Creator you can. Design your own character using a plethora of costumes, accessories, attributes, facial expressions, and so much more. Hone your anime creation abilities through this free-to-play application or you can browse through other anime games below.

Anime Fans Rejoice!

Anime character creator online is now here. You can create your own anime character and design the ultimate anime character you want.

Features of the app

The app is totally free and full of surprises. You will definitely love this game if you are an anime fan. The game offers a huge variety of accessories and features to make the best anime character.

No self-respecting fan of anime would miss this anime character creator online is your new best friend.

You can change your anime characters eye types, eyebrows, and different facial expressions. You can also choose different backgrounds for your avatar.

If you do not miss any other anime character creator online, check these apps out.

Anime Avatar maker : Anime Character Creator

Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up)

Gacha Studio (Anime Dress Up)

Anime Love Story Games: Shadowtime

AVATAR MUSIK - Music and Dance Game

LEGO® Creator Islands - Build, Play & Explore

Real Cake Maker 3D - Bake, Design & Decorate

Blade & Wings: 3D Fantasy Anime of Fate & Legends

Download A Free Anime Avatar Maker for PC!

If you like to create a kawaii avatar yourself, download a free anime avatar maker on PC now! Aside from creating an anime version of yourself, you can also create unique anime characters that you can use to develop your manga and other personal purposes. Create female and male anime characters, then mix up fashion styles and colors to make each one unique.

Choose from different kinds of hairstyles, accessories, eye color, shoes, clothing, and more! You can share your finished anime avatar on Social Media and other pages once you are done. Get your free anime avatar maker today on PC for free!

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Anime Avatar maker: Anime Character Creator
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Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up)

Become The Best Anime Avatar Creator

Did you grow up drawing anime characters from your favorite anime movies and series like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Howl’s Moving Castle, and more? What if you can customize your own anime character in a free app? Anime Avatar maker: Anime Character Creator by ASTIBINE do just that. If you do not know how to draw well yet you love making your own anime avatars, then try this app. This girl game even lets you simulate their dress up and makeup. Plus customize all their body parts, from head to toe. Become the best anime avatar creator now!

Get a Free Character Creator PC Download

With the increasing popularity of manga and anime, it is easy to see why a lot of fans want to create their own characters. Lucky for you, we got some awesome free character creator downloads that can help you get started. Get Anime Avatar maker : Anime Character Creator for free here on and start creating your very own character. And if the otaku in you still cannot get enough, then try Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up) as well where you get to dress up some of the cutest moe characters you will ever find. Download your free character creator now.

Transcend into the Final Form of Weeaboo

Oh please, being an “otaku” is so yesteryear. Just call yourself a weeaboo! The anime community is proud of it and so should you. And to level up your weebness, you will need to lose your dignity and create your very own OC. With an anime character creator online, nothing can stop you – not even the entitled Twitter users with anime girl profile pics.

Choose your own style – from hairstyle to eye color, from trendy clothes to traditional Japanese. And if the character creator online won’t make you scream “SUGOI” then the only other way to become the final form weeaboo is to purchase lots of anime body pillows. And to approach godhood, you must print your character from the character creator online and turn it into a figurine or a pillow too.

Anime Character Creator Games to Build the waifu of your dreams

Do you love to create the anime waifu of your dreams? Turns out, there are apps that will let you do so even if you do not know how to draw anime characters. With our Anime Character Creator Games, you can finally breathe life to your dream anime characters.

Ranging from hair customizations to changing outfits, the customization options offered by these Anime Character Creator Games are miles wide but definitely not inches deep.

Go ahead and grab your free Anime Character Creator Games now! They are all free to play and download and start building your dream waifu!

Design You Own Hero in Character Creator Free Download

If you want to make your own superhero, or maybe a protagonist in a love story is more to your liking then you can do so with some of the free downloads we got here for you. In the Anime Avatar maker : Anime Character Creator free download you can make your very own anime character and make up your own story. Or take the character creator free challenge to a whole new realm by building up your very own LEGO® Creator Islands - Build, Play & Explore realm where anything is a possibility. There is so much for you to discover and let your creativity loose.

Create The Best Avatar With An Online Character Creator

Are you fond of creating anime characters? Do you like customizing their body, hair color, and/or their clothes and dresses? If you do, then you can try installing an app that can help you create the best avatar. Say goodbye to paper wastes and customize your own character digitally. No need to be a professional animator to create an excellent avatar. You can make the character of your dreams with just learning how to use the app. Anime Avatar maker : Anime Character Creator is one great example. This game is very easy to play. Download this online character creator and more for free!

Want to Create your Own Anime Character?

Every anime fans’ dream is to have their own anime character. You will know one is a certified otaku when they have their own anime character. So, how about you? Are you ready to create your own anime character?

Fall in love with this anime simulation app as you can choose your own kawaii style. The app has an endless collection of cool outfits that you can wear. They also have countless collections of accessories from earrings, necklaces, headbands, anything you can think of to complete your character’s outfit. Facial features are also diverse in this app. You can create different facial expressions and have a totally unique anime character. Who would have thought that having to create your own anime character would be this easy?

For more anime simulators, try these out.

Try Anime Avatar Creator Full Body

Any self-respecting otaku knows that the ultimate dream is to have their own anime character. What better way to do than with an anime avatar creator full body?

In any anime creator, you are loaded with features that will surely make your anime avatar creator full-body an incredible experience. There are loads of avatars that you could choose from. Different hairstyles are also available for you to choose from. On top of that, there are accessories that you can choose from like clothes, shoes, earrings, among others. The wide selection ensures that you would have your own one of a kind anime. So what are you waiting for? Make your own avatar and use the anime avatar creator's full body.

To check out similar games, try these.

Enjoy A Character Creator Online Free on PC!

Create your unique RPG anime character with a character creator online free tool! Start by choosing a gender and then dress up your character to make them look unique. Create different looks, styles, and dress up your anime character with different clothes, accessories, bags, jewels and more! Of course, don’t forget to give you character a unique hairstyle and hair color.

Experience a new RPG game with anime characters that are purely made by you and other players. Bring your ideal anime game characters to life with the character creator online free tool. Download a free version on PC today!

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Become the Ultimate Weeaboo

You know what they say, “If you have an anime avatar, your opinion is irrelevant.” And if you have come to accept that statement and indulge in the degeneracy, you will want to create your own anime avatar. No, I don’t mean draw your own or take a screenshot of your waifu/husbando, as in the real deal OC.

How? With these anime avatar apps, of course! Customize your Japanese 2D dream girl or boy from head to toe. At least with these, you’re slightly above the people with screencapped anime profile pictures lying around the internet.

Download A Free Anime Maker For PC!

Create the cutest anime character you can ever imagine with the help of a free anime maker tool! Download your anime maker of choice for free on PC! Start creating your unique anime characters with tons of choices and customizations when it comes to look, style, hairstyles, and accessories.

To start creating your anime character, just choose which gender they are going to be and then start mixing and matching facial features such as eyes, nose, and mouth. After creating their look, you have to dress them up! You can select from hundreds of dresses, skirts, pants, and tops. Add make-up and hairstyles to make them look better. Download a free anime maker now!

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Gacha Studio (Anime Dress Up)

Character Creator Games - Games where your characters are truly yours!

Nothing beats the satisfaction of being able to create your own character in a game. After all, how can you call your player as your avatar if you don’t even have control over what your character will wear! This is where our character creator games come in.

Our character creator games give you complete control over your character’s aspects. For instance, majority of these games allow you to change the looks of your character. Some of them even let you pick the skills that your character will possess! No matter your preference, these games will allow you to create characters that are truly yours!

Anime Character Maker

Sometimes, there’s this magnificent anime character concept that keeps on popping up in our minds. Unfortunately, not all of us are talented enough to draw these character concepts. Thankfully, we have anime character makers that will help you make your dream character come true!
Our Anime Character Makers are free to download and use. We have enough variety for you to enjoy creating your character! Whether you want an anime dream guy or a stunning waifu, our anime character makers got your back.
Get your free Anime Character Maker now!

Make Your Own Anime Character Because 2D is Better than 3D

If you agree that 2D is better than 3D, then you are a man/woman of culture. And if you can’t draw like the ones on Pixiv and Deviantart, then you might want to consider an app that lets you make your own anime character in just a few minutes!

It’s great, it’s fun, it lets you play with originality or with references of existing weeaboo favorites. Get to make your own anime character today and show your real weeb side to the world! Play for free on PC.

Play Dress Up in Avatar Creator Games

It has always been a fact that girls love to play dress up and that is why there is Barbie in the first place and so we got some of the best dress up downloads in the form of avatar creator games for you on PC and Mac. Starting with the Anime Avatar maker : Anime Character Creator free download you can make your very own anime character and make him or her the most moe and kawaii of them all. Moreover, it is not the only avatar creator games we have for you, in fact with Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up) you not only enjoy a fun dress up game but also a great role-playing game as well.

Create your Own Toons with Anime OC Maker

There are a lot of games that have a character creation feature, but how about a game that has it as the main gameplay and not just a small feature? Well, that is exactly what you get in anime OC maker downloads like Anime Avatar maker : Anime Character Creator where you essentially create anime characters any way you want. With tons of looks and skins to mix and match, you will have tons of fun playing this anime OC maker game and the others like Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up) that we also have for free download on PC and Mac.

Be the Best Anime Girl Maker

Calling all anime fans! The best anime girl maker is here. If you happen to be a huge fan of anything anime, then this app is for you. No self-respecting Otaku would not be without its own kawaii avatar or anime character.

It is the perfect app for those who want to build their own anime character. The anime girl maker has an extensive collection of what it needs to make your own anime. It has huge wardrobe with a wide array of outfits that you can choose from. You can mix and match your character with other characters online. For more apps related to this one, check these lists out.

Original Characters in Full Body Avatar Creator

Create your very own original character in some of the best full body avatar creator downloads that you can ever find on PC and Mac. With the free downloads we have for you on the website like Anime Avatar maker : Anime Character Creator and many others, you will always have interesting characters and avatars to create. You definitely will not run out of items and cloths to dress up with in Lovley Avatar: Anime Avatar Maker or any of the other incredible full body avatar creator downloads that you will find right here, so check them out now.

Download A Free Anime Creator on PC Now!

If you love watching anime shows and if you have been dreaming about creating the perfect anime character yourself, then a free anime creator is the best app for you! Create your very own anime and style him or her according to your personal taste in these free anime creator games!

Start by choosing the gender of your anime, then pick an array of hairstyles and hair colors that are both bright and vivid that can give your anime character a unique look. Of course, you can choose from a wide selection of kawaii dresses, shoes, tops, pants, skirts, bags, and accessories to style your anime with.

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OC Creator For Your Customized Playing Experience

OC Creator or Original Character Creator is not only for animators today. Instead, anyone who wants to customize their own characters can do so! But how? Simple as one, two, three. Just download some dedicated apps to create them! OC Creators like Anime Avatar maker: Anime Character Creator by ASTIBINE is one good choice, for example. Just download this girl game, and you now customize various designs for your original character. If you are a fan of Japanese manga, this game is definitely fit for you. Play this girl game now for free!

Get A Free Avatar Maker Download For PC Now!

Do you want to play dress up or create your very own kawaii character on PC? You can download these free avatar maker games and start creating your very own character on your device. Choose their eye color, brows, nose shape, lips, hair color and hairstyles to give them a unique look!

Aside from that, you have to dress them up according to the latest fashion trends. If you want, you can also dress and style them according to the latest anime trends. Choose from hundreds of dresses, blouses, kawaii accessories, shoes and more on these avatar maker games! Download for free now.

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