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Learn Beasts and Random Encounters for D&D 5e

Dungeons & Dragons is no easy game at all. Let’s face it, the game heavily relies on RNG besides teamwork. How you win over enemies is solely through the dice. But what if you don’t know what to do when Bael or Orthon comes to ruin your day? With the 5e Bestiary, you can kiss all those worries goodbye. 5e Bestiary is a massive encyclopedia about every known enemy you’ll fight in D&D 5e. From the lesser demons to the most gigantic beasts, 5e Bestiary lets you know everything from stats to origins.

Become the Beast Master in D&D 5e

When you still don’t know the creatures of D&D by heart, you can always consult the Bestiary 5e. Think of it like an encyclopedia of everything you need to know about the monsters and living beings that lurk in the game.

Bestiary 5e does a fantastic job on plotting down fine details for each monster and NPC. It may be an unofficial app but it sure feels like one. Even if you know your way around D&D, Bestiary 5e is totally worth downloading to know more about the lore of the game.

DND Bestiary And More Monsters to Collect

With so many free to download PC games, there are tons of adventures you can enjoy. And some of the best are those that involve monsters and other DND bestiary, that you can capture and collect. In fact, Monster Legends will let you adventure through a world where you can encounter wild monsters and train them into becoming the most powerful teams. In the same vein, the Monster Super League free download is another free PC game that will also let you discover a world of DND bestiary and monsters of legends that you can collect and raise then have them compete in the ultimate arena.

Find The List Of Magical Beasts & Humanoid In D&D 5e Bestiary

In D&D 5e Bestiary, you will find everything you are looking for about the 5th Dungeons and Dragons creatures. Surely, it is very useful to all Dungeon Masters and players as it includes everything you will need to know about 5e D&D. Find the information of all the creatures in the Monster Manual, Volo's Guide to Monsters, Tyranny of Dragons, Tales from the Yawning Portal, Curse of Strahd, Temple of Elemental Evil, Out of the Abyss, Storm King's Thunder, Lost Mine of Phandelver, plus your own your custom monsters! Install D&D 5e Bestiary and other similar apps for free download!

Collect Monster Similar to the DND 5E Bestiary

There are dozens of monster games out there and somehow they are all related to the DND 5E bestiary. Monster collecting games have become a huge blast ever since Pokemon, good thing there are some free to download alternative like Battle Camp - Monster Catching and many more. In fact, we have a great selection of these games where the DND 5E bestiary can be discovered in games like Monster Warlord then pit them against other monsters. There are so many monsters to collect, raise, and train. The goal to become the very best is closer than you ever thought.

Learn All About the Creatures in DnD 5e Beastiary

DnD 5e Beastiary includes every living creature that breathes in the world of DnD 5e. Count this as an unofficial encyclopedia of the NPCs that you meet in the game. It also includes all their known stats, origins and stance. DnD 5e Beastiary is great to use if you either want to learn more about the world or if you want to expand your fanaticism towards the game. Either way, Libco did a fantastic job in collecting all the data from the world. Get the DnD 5e Beastiary for free on the PC.

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