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Get A Free Stopwatch LoL For Perfect Timings!

For players and enthusiasts of League of Legends, a Stopwatch is one of the most basic items for the game. Stopwatch LoL has a very powerful effect because this puts your character in stasis in over 2.5 seconds. This means that your character will be untouchable, but they can’t move or cast spells at the same time either.

A free replica Stopwatch LoL is granted whenever you achieve a Perfect Timing. However, it can also turn into a Broken Stopwatch, and this won’t be good for your character. Download and enjoy LoL and other similar games on your favorite device today!

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Stop, Watch and LOL

League of Legends or LOL for short is hands-down one of the biggest free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena in gaming. At its peak, this brilliant mix of fantasy and tactics boasts over 67 million monthly players, of which over 27 million play the game daily and over 7.5 million players during peak hours. So if you have some time to space, you can stop, watch, or play this epic game today.

Speaking of time, if you have trouble keeping track of this irreversible succession of events, then its time for you to check out the Stopwatch & Timer app by Espengineer. Never lose track of time ever again when playing League of Legends with this all-in-one time app. Whether if its countdown, measuring laps with a stopwatch, this free chronograph has got you covered. Check it out today along with some of the other free apps below.

Leauge of Legends Stopwatch - An Unlikely Item to save your hide

The League of Legends stopwatch may seem like a useless one-time-use item for a beginner, but it is actually a good item meant for early game saves. Surely, you will appreciate the item if it saves you from a close takedown, especially because a single takedown can cost you the whole game. If you want to learn stuff like this and improve your MMR in the process, our collection of League of Legend support apps got your back.

All of our League of Legends trainer apps are free to download and use. More importantly, they won’t get you banned because they only help you hone your skills without directly augmenting your gameplay.

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