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IQ Enhancing Bubbles

Bubbles, for the most part, is one of the most sought out categories In the genre tile-matching puzzle. There is something relaxing about popping bubbles which is why popping bubble wraps is so satisfying, With that said, if bubble wraps are scarce, what better way to release some tension and improve our IQs than playing video games like Bubbles IQ. Enjoy hours of match-three bubble popping fun along with your friend. Earn boosters and compete against other people in one of the most soothing games in the free-to-play genre. Want more variants? Check out other bubble games below for some bubble-popping fun!

Get Bubbles IQ for Free

Bubbles IQ is a fresh puzzle game that will sharpen your mind. Join the online fun in Bubbles IQ and see if you can best thousands of other players around the world. The game is carefully crafted and provides a great mix of bubble shooting and trivia games. There are also weekly challenges that you can try to solve to get huge prizes and bonuses. You can also earn medals as you climb the leaderboard of bubble popping experts. In the multiplayer mode, you can also team up with your friends and family to get more free boosters.

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