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Mi Castle, Su Castle, Clash in Battle!

Castles are hands-down, the most iconic fortification in history. As magnificent as it is fortified, castles serves as the home for kings, queens, prince, princesses, and knights among others, but of course, you already knew that. Due to the fact, that, these grand structures are present in most of the fairy tales we grew up to. With that said, these brilliant symbols of nobility come with a strict exclusivity that only a select few were able to enjoy, until now. Why bother trying to build the real thing when there are games that provide enough real estate for you to build, manage, and design your own kingdom. Games like Hustle Castle that allows you to manage your own kingdom and clash with other players in battle as well. If however, you want to build your fortification from scratch, then, Castle Crafter is definitely worth checking out. In fact, feel free to browse throughout castle-themed games below.

Science Fiction And Fantasy Gamers Will Love the ELEX Multiplayer

ELEX Mulitplayers is a science fiction and fantasy themed action role-playing game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. This game is set in the planet Magalan where a comet just hit, causing devastating destruction. Those who survived the catastrophe is not in the midst of a battle, in a struggle that will define the fate of the planet. ELEX Multiplayer is perfect for those who are into the post-apocalyptic, science fiction genre, packed with more action than you can ever dream of? Are you going to be one of the survivors? If you’re up for it, download the game now!

Get Into This Gaming Madness With Your Clash Royale Troops

It seems that Clash Royale is still one of the most popular strategy building games out there! You can command your Clash Royale troops to attack enemy lines as you strengthen your base and armies. Clash Royale is a multiplayer game which combines the best of collectible card games and tower defense games. Not only will your Clash Royale troops try to defeat opponent towers, but you must use all your strategies to make sure your towers holds. If you’re up to the challenge, you can start gathering your troops now and play Clash Royale!

Idle Kingdom Clicker is the Most Exciting Incremental Idle Game

In Idle Kingdom Clicker, you'll be a king who needs to give orders and manage all the resources and defenses. Just like any other game right? But Idle Kingdom Clicker, you don't need to be actively playing, you just need to open the game and let it produce your resources. However, if you want to speed up production, you can just tap really fast! See, just like any king, you only need to oversee, then let the game the rest. Download the game now!

Want to Know How to Play Empires and Puzzles?

Empires and Puzzles is the newest in role-playing games which combines match-3 battles and building startegies to create defenses and strongholds. If you're interested to try, why not find out how to play Empires and Puzzles by downloading the app now! Players have the chance to join global missions and battles by teaming up together. Collect special items to summon hundreds of legendary heroes and level up your characters. You can discover new worlds and explore different lands after learning how to play Empires and Puzzles. Download it now!

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