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In video games, the puzzle genre is by far one of the most played among casual players on any device. Mainly because the genre comes with some of the most exciting if not challenging games. Part of what millions of players love about the genre is the accessibility along with the diverse selection of game types. One of the latest addition to the genre is the Hidden Object category. Despite its late inception, the category has evolved to become one the most played free online no download games to date. Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure from G5 Entertainment is one example of the mentioned category. Enjoy countless hours of exciting clue and object hunting experiences at the comfort of your PC. But do not stop there, check out the other free-online hidden object game below for more themes.

Have a blast with Castle Clash!

Are you a big fan of building games? Do you love creating villages, creating armies, growing your own food, and best of all defending your territory from the enemies? Join millions of players in Castle Clash and test your skills from players all around the world.

Castle clash is one of the greatest games that you can find online. The games’ fast-paced and exciting combat style game would surely keep you on the edge. So go on and lead your warrior to become the unbeatable warlord of all time. The game is available in many languages so you can join exciting co-ops and PVP modes. Go on and test your strategies with these games.

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