Guess the Age Celebrities

By MadRabbit | 100,000+ Installs

You know your celebrities, but do you also know how old they are?? Try to guess the celebrities ages in this awesome game. You get to see 10 celebrity names. Try to guess as many of the 10 ages correc...

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Hindi Celebrities Quiz

By divid | 50,000+ Installs

Hindi Celebrities Quiz, Guess Your favourite Celebrities with their Images If you are reading i am throwing a clue to you to solve the game. Following are the movie answers for the game but don't expe...

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Ethiopian Celebrities and famous place Quiz Game

By Binyam Aklilu | 5,000+ Installs

★★★★★ Ethiopian Celebrity Quiz ★★★★★ Do you think you know Celebrities from all over the Ethiopia? Ethiopian Celebrity Quiz game is just for you! Find out just how much do you know! Test your ability...

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Younger Older Celebrities - Who's Older

By KEISE Entertainment | 10,000+ Installs

Love figure out the people's age? How about figure out which celebrity is younger or older than the other? Here is a unique celebrity age guessing game - Younger Older - Who's Older? Which one is ol...

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Hollywood Actors - Celebrities and Movie Stars

By Educational quizzes | 5,000+ Installs

In this app you will find more than 260 most recognizable actresses and actors in the world history of cinema: Shelley Winters and Sigourney Weaver, Bradley Cooper and Sylvester Stallone, Steve Carell...

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Thousand Celebrities

By Basicman | 1,000+ Installs

The best game to play with your friends is here !! Hold the phone with the screen facing your friends , press Start and go up to 10 questions to guess which celebrity is on your screen. Perfect for pl...

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Guess the Indian celebrities quiz

By | 100+ Installs

Can u guess the name of the most popular Indian celebrities in this game. This game contains more than 200+ levels with mixtures of celebrities, actors, actress, scientists, writer, author, painters,...

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Celebrities Party: 1-4 players

By PLAYTOUCH | 1,000+ Installs

The academy awards, sequins and celebrities. Then, here comes the dinner to end this special day. But unfortunetly, the celebrities are unpredictable and nothing goes as planned. A fight breaks out! B...

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Famous Celebrities Quiz

By Laxie Studios | 1,000+ Installs

Famous person on the drawing seems familiar? Name the celebrity on the drawing and try to finish all the challenges on the way. If too challenging you'll be offered with a clue that will tell you some...

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Trivia QUIZ Celebrities

By aAa Designer | 10+ Installs

The best question and answer game about the most famous celebrities in the world WHERE WAS HE BORN? it's a quiz game - QUIZ, where you can show how much you know about your favorite artists. Do you th...

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