dkm Acrostics

By DKM Software | 500+ Installs

If you love crosswords, try these Acrostics variations. Acrostics are like crossword puzzles where you have a set of clues to solve. But instead of letters in a grid, the clue answers make up a myster...

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dkm Tents

By DKM Software | 500+ Installs

Solve these interesting puzzles where you need to work out where all the tents go in the grid. The rules are simple but require a number of logic strategies to solve. There are four grid sizes availab...

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Try the Code Word DKM Games Download

There are tons of cryptography systems out there and we all know that the military has used these for years. But it is time to get those similar algorithms into an interesting PC game called dkm CodeWords which is a unique twist on the classic crossword puzzle word game. The dkm games will be a bit different than the typical crossword because it uses different rules in order to complete the whole puzzle. But crosswords never get old and dkm games will keep you busy for hours figuring out the system and discovering the word that fits into the crossword puzzles.

Become a Codebreaker

In the saturated world of video games, most development studios cover almost every genre available in order to capitalize on each of them. In contrast with that, there are also other studios that focus mainly on a single genre resulting in the creation of well-made video games that is both fun and challenging at the same time.

Video game developer dkmGames is one example of studios that focus on a single genre, which, in this case, is the puzzle genre. One example of a game developed by the studio is CodeWords which is a unique take on crossword puzzles. With that said, check out other code-breaking games below and become a master codebreaker in no time.

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