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Dodgeball Multiplayer at Its Finest

When you think of Dodgeball you think…wait, there are no major dodgeball games? Well, it’s a good thing there’s then! It’s a one of a kind casual multiplayer game that compresses all fun parts of dodgeball into one high-quality io game. sets itself apart with more strategy and quick thinking than other io games. From the creators of, is a fun online game for all ages – whether you’ve played actual dodgeball or not! Get the game for free on your PC! Click on the PLAY NOW / Get It Free button to start installing.

Dodge This!; no other dodgeball game does it like these guys. In fact, it’s a different kind of io more than just crawling in an open area trying to knock out other players, nope. feels like a budget version of WiiSports game – but free! is as unique as – you play with 8 to 10 players divided into two teams. It’s knocked or be knocked in! And don’t worry about paywalls and hackers. You won’t find them in Now you can play it on PC and go up against mobile players only! Download and install here.

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