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EvoWars is the Fantasy Battle Royale

Ever since Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds hit the market, there has been a massive surge in battle royale games on all platforms from desktop PC to consoles and mobile gaming. And because of all the options available, you can choose from realistic graphics and mechanics to the downright wild and crazy gameplay. EvoWars.io leans towards the latter and is doing very well. Take on players from all over the world as a knight warrior and beat them to a pulp in order to claim the top score and become the champion of the arena. So download the free game and jump into the EvoWars battle arena!

King of the EvoWars.io Arena

There s a battle arena that will put you to the test with the fast-paced fights and the fierceness of the competition. It is EvoWars.io where you are thrown into an arena with players from all over. And the only objective is to kill or be killed in this game of battle royale. The goal is simple, to become the supreme dominant warrior in all of the EvoWars.io battle arena. There are no complicated controls or finely detailed meta mechanics in this gameplay, it is simple, fun, and engaging. So what are you waiting for grab this free to download PC game now and claim the title of king of the arena.

Rule the Battle Royale of EvoWars io

There is a love for battle royal games nowadays and that trend does not look like it will diminish anytime soon especially with the many io games that keep cropping up. One of which is well known already, EvoWars.io is a battle royale io game where you play as a warrior knight and have to take down all the rest to claim the arena as your own. Of course, EvoWars io is not the only game in the action category but it is arguably one of the most sought after PC game downloads for its simplicity and easy to get into gameplay mechanics.

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