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Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Why can’t we be friends? An iconic question frequently asked by fallen nemesis. However, as odd as it may be, there are places where the power of friendship comes with no effect. It may not be in the real world but there are multiple of these friend-defying places in the gaming world known as Battle Royale. One example is, a modest battle royale game that can hold up to 50 players. It also comes with a plethora of weapons, vehicles, and customization items. If you like battle Royale-themed games like, then you will love the games listed below.

Fight Until the End

Do you want to get into a battle royale game? Then you will love this free multiplayer game that lets you fight it out against the different players from around the world. Check out (Official).

Wondering what to expect in Foesio (Official)? This game lets you face up to 50 different adversaries on a vast battleground. You can also hunt and scavenge on the map, looking for over 20 different types of weapons. And you can customize your character using over 500 available combinations.

In Foesio (Official), you will enter the battle realm with nothing. All you have are your hands, and you will fight until you are the last man standing. Is that something that would excite you? Check out Foesio (Official).


Survive the Battle Arena

Survive the battle in This unique battle royale game stands out among the rest with its amazing gameplay and solid features. In, you will have to square up with up to 50 players in the battleground that covers a huge area. You also need to defend yourself as you will only have your fists as your weapon at the start of the game. But, once the match commenced, you can scavenge for weapons of up to 20 types. Roam the arena using various vehicles and survive in this amazing battle royale that is

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