force lightsaber staff saber dual lightning

Force & lightsaber staff saber dual lightning

By VS Game Software | 10,000+ Installs

This application is a simulator of the star lightsaber of the jedi, play a lightsaber wars with your friends. Use a double lightsaber - a staff, with the ability to customize the color of each blade....

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    Swish and Flick the Heck Outta Yer Lightsaber Staff Like This

    One of the best and most iconic items in Star Wars is the lightsaber. Name me one time when no child or even adult held a stick and pretended it was a lightsaber staff. And if you can’t let go of that imagination even when you grew up, there’s an app that plays as a lightsaber staff simulator – complete with sound effects and multiple light colors!

    And if you prefer going to the Dark Side, you can always fiddle with Dark Forces: electricity! Fiddle with this app for free on PC.

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