Hacker Typer Access

By Seshat Studios | 5,000+ Installs

Tap the screen and pseudo hacking script will begin immediately. You can make jokes to your friends....

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Hacker 101 Prank

By Adota | 100,000+ Installs

With Hacker 101, anyone can look like a Hacker. Hacker 101 is the most advanced and complete Hacker App available in the Play Store. Currently featuring two modes, with many more to come! Classic Hack...

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Prank Your Friends With Hack Typer Apps and More!

If you want to prank your friends and make them believe that you are a legit hacker, you can use Hack Typer and other similar apps! With the Hack Typer app, you just have to tap your screen and a fake hacking script will come out. Your friends will be so shookt when they see it!

Aside from Hack Typer, you can also download a WiFi HaCker Simulator to trick your friends! This app gives your friends the impression that you can hack WiFi networks that are protected by passwords. Of course, it is just a joke - but it is a unique way to prank friends (especially on April Fools!).

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Pull Off the Greatest Prank Ever!

Go Mr. Robot on your friends and pull a prank that they will never forget. Hacker Typer Access emulates the dreaded UI of long lines of codes that only means one thing – they are being hacked! Install the app to their computers and activate it with just a single click of the mouse. Get your friends’ hearts racing and watch them as they nervously try to save their computers, only to find out that Hacker Typer Access is a big wacky joke. Have the best laugh of your life and pull off one hilarious prank in Hacker Typer Access.

Hack Me, Hack You

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to become a “HACKERMANZ" without actual hacking? Then try these hacking typer games. Mind you, they’re only for show – not actual hacking. Besides, we wouldn’t be advertising this publicly if it was a legit hacking typer to, let’s say, know your neighbor’s Wi-Fi password. Nonetheless, these hacking typer games are purely for roleplaying purposes. Kids can use it, teens can play it, and adults (that are kids at heart) can bring it. But nothing makes you more of a “hacker" than playing it on the PC!

Type Like a Hacker

A computer hacker, for the most part, has become a staple in modern pop culture. Derived from the term used to describe a "lusty laborer," the word "Hacker" was first used in the ‘60s to describe skilled and proficient computer programmers. Today, hackers despite their notoriety, are depicted as some of the coolest characters in both movies and television.

With that said, some hackers are sometimes referred to as a modern version of Robin Hood. As most of them invest their talent, time, and skills to help improve the security of our computers. Not to mention their ability to expose the wrongdoings of certain personalities. To that end, if you want to type like a hacker or pretend as one, then, Hacker Typer Access is the perfect app to prank your family and friends. Check out the game below along with other hacker-themed games below free of charge.

Become A Crackerjacker With Hacker Typer Access

Do you look like the hacker type? Then, you might be able to pull a joke in front of your family and friends with Hacker Typer Access by game developers Seshat Studios. Let them think you are a full-fledged hacker with this amazing prank simulator game. You do not have to learn anything because everything you will need to do is very simple. You only need to randomly start typing on your keys, along with your unique acting ability. Look smart and professional as you decode some algorithms on your computer. Surely, they will be amazed at how good (or probably bad) you are. Become the hacker type with Hacker Typer Access. Play now!

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