Grandpa And Granny House Escape

By WildGamesNet | 1,000,000+ Installs

Grandpa And Granny House Escape is a horror game where you will be chased by an insane grandpa and a scary granny. Oh, they adore playing hide-and-seek. Surely, it is not an ordinary hide-and-seek fun...

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11,469 ratings

Bulb Boy

By Bulbware | 10,000+ Installs

One gloomy night, Bulb Boy wakes suddenly from a frightening nightmare to discover that evil has overshadowed the Bulbhouse. His family has disappeared and there are horrid monsters lurking in the sha...

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1,833 ratings

Horror Grandpa House Scary Forest

By buraq games studio | 100,000+ Installs

Explore the horror forest to treasure out the haunted house of grandpa. This spooky house surrounds by paranormal activities and it is impossible to survive there. Horror grandpa is famous for the gho...

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1,278 ratings

Hello Scary Grandpa Of Neighbor Strange House

By NutriSchool | 100,000+ Installs

Hello Dog of Scary Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house to figure out what horrible secrets he's hiding in the basement. You are going to Find Scary Neighbor Ho...

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537 ratings

By DevAG TLD | 100,000+ Installs

Welcome to this new creepy creepy evil grandpaEscape Room 2019 horror . The story of this horror scary granny scary evil grandpa Escape Game. Playing near an abandoned and scary high school, you lost...

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267 ratings

Mr Sweeper - Horror Game Granny

By Gun Shooting Games 3D | 100,000+ Installs

Hello, welcome to this scary Neighbor & Intense action adventure. The sweeper: Scary Horror Game. -Playing near scary abandoned high school you lost your fun on the rooftop, try to catch it if yo...

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237 ratings

Grandpa: A haunted house game

By Hacksaw Gamers | 10,000+ Installs

Did you ever played scary grandpa games…??? If yes then you are welcome to the Next era of horror games with grandpa game, the full of horror and scare. This is time to save you from scary nights, ful...

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26 ratings

Scary Granny Horror Game: Halloween Story 2019

By latest free games | 10+ Installs

In the Scary Granny Horror Game: Halloween Story 2019, you must find all the hidden keys, Screwdriver, Gearbox, Bags, Hammer, Mellon & master key to unlock the door in Scary games. If you want to...

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24 ratings

Barbi Granny Chapter 2: Scary and Horror game 2019

By SkyArt, Inc. | 1,000+ Installs

Barbi Granny Chapter 2: Scary and Horror game 2019 is the latest version of Barbi Granny game with new features, beautiful graphics and scary sound In this Barbi Granny Chapter 2 game, granny and gran...

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21 ratings

The Visage Haunted House

By Lodgers Games | 1,000+ Installs

Play The Visage Haunted House adventure an ultimate survival escape game. Do you love to play evil horror games? Get ready to face the fear? Find hidden object and solve mysteries, move into this haun...

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17 ratings

What about Granpa?

Jump scares, eerie music, spooky locations, nefarious characters, and hopeless situations are just some of the elements that make-up an immersive survival horror game. With that said, the business of scaring players is becoming more and more saturated that, finding a unique game is becoming a challenge itself. Despite the dilemma, a few indie titles stand up from the rest every now and then. Five Nights at Freddy’s series and the highly acclaimed Granny are great examples of such games. Another notable title is Grandpa Horror Game, unlike the other two examples, Grandpa incorporates treasure hunting with edge-of-your-seat horror experience. Want more survival horror games? check out our list below.

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