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Play Idle Heroes Best Monster

Check out Idle Heroes. This awesome game is played by millions of players from around the world. No wonder it got the award for the “Android Excellence Game” in Google Play.

Idle Heroes follows the story of Sara Forest as she embarks on a quest to eliminate the forces of darkness.

But it is not going to be easy. The Idle Heroes best monster squad is ruthless and will try to bring you down every step of the way.

Join millions of players in a daring adventure that will have you travel to the High Heaven, leading your small group of heroes into the ancient ruins and fight the Idle Heroes best monster squad.

Take on this brave adventure, and face off against the Idle Heroes best monster squad.

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Idle Heroes and Monsters

In the fascinating world of folklore and mythology, heroes and monsters go together like Yin and Yang. In other words, one cannot exist without each other. In video games, on the other hand, monsters despite their grotesque appearance, are not always the antagonist and heroes will always be heroes.

With that said, monster-themed games like Idle Monster: Happy Mansion in Click Away Village and I Am Monster: Idle Destruction presents the story through the monsters’ perspective. Both games defy the yin and yang, due to the absence of the main protagonist. To that end, check out both games today along with their hero-themed counterparts in the list below free of charge.

There's nosuch thing as Best Monster Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes may seem like a simple game, but it boasts a not-so-obvious complexity. For instance, the mere line-up of your monsters can change the outcome of the match! Because of this, it is not surprising that people tend to Google “Best Monster Idle Heroes” Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a best monster in Idle Heroes. Hower, you can make sure that you are only using the best monsters if you will only opt for 4 stars and above monsters! Take note, however, that high star monsters are hard to acquire, so there will be a point that you will use low grade monsters no matter what.

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