Insane Aquarium Duluxe - Feed Fish! Fight Alien!

By Tea Break Studio | 100,000+ Installs

In this game, you will feed fishes, the fishes grow up and they return coins. More fish more coin. Game has two fishes. There are two domino baby fishes, you feed them, they born the brazen coin. Afte...

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Download Free Insane Aquarium and More Fish Games on PC!

Take care of numerous pet fishes and grow your mini tank on the Insane Aquarium game! As the fish grow, you earn more coins that can help you buy more fish pets and tank upgrades. You can also unlock more aquatic pets such as Seahorses, Snails, Clams, Oysters, and more!

However, you have to watch out for occasional aliens and enemies that randomly attack your Insane Aquarium. Make sure to keep all your fish and sea creatures safe by clicking and defeating the enemy! If you like more fishing and aquarium games, try Fish Live and many other similar games below.

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Feed, Grow & Collect Coins With Insane Aquarium Duluxe

In Insane Aquarium Duluxe, you will need to take care of two domino baby fish. All you need to do is feed them and let them grow so you can harvest brazen coins. As the baby fish became bigger, they will become King Fish and will let you harvest gold coins and even diamonds. Surely, fish games like Insane Aquarium Duluxe will give you so much fun and enjoyment. Play this game, plus other fish games with your family and friends to experience wonderful joy and delight. Download for free on your PC devices today!

Insame Aquarium - Virtual Aquariums Anyone?

Do you love fishes but you somehow can’t convince your mom to buy you one? We got you covered! With our Insane Aquarium games, you can finally have a virtual aquarium!
Our Insane Aquarium games will let you enjoy visually stunning virtual aquariums! The best part is all of these aquariums can run in real time, so it is almost like the real thing. You can even throw in strange creatures into your aquarium like miniature blue whales and even spawns of Cthulu!
Whether you want to populate your Insane Aquarium with strange seaborne life or you want to

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