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From A to Zetans

Of all the celestial bodies in the known galaxy, the binary star system called Zeta Reticuli proves to be the most influential when it comes to pop culture history. The star system is presupposed to be the home of Zeta Reticulans, Zetas, Zetans, Grays, or Grey Aliens as cited in the 1961 Zeta Reticuli Incident. The incident, in one way or another, shaped how we perceive extraterrestrial beings in movies, novels, and video games. Speaking of video games, a free-to-play title called Johnny and the Zetans allows you to play as Johnny the bounty hunter who stumbled upon a Zetan treasure. Your task is to fend off the grey aliens from recovering the artifact. Sounds fun right? If you like that one then feel free to check out other alien-themed games below.

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