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San Drad California, has been overrun by the Aliens, and the cybernetically-enhanced Major Dutch Schaefer and Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa of the United States Colonial Marine Corps have been abandoned by...

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Learn About Alien Vs. Predator Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa

Are you familiar with the arcade game called Alien vs. Predator? It is a beat ‘em up game where the player can get to control 4 virtual humans or predators to fight against aliens. This arcade game was based on the science fiction film franchise of the same name. Now, Linn Kurosawa is one of the 4 virtual humans you can use to fight against the aliens. Being the only woman in the game, lots of female players prefer to fight using the female cyborg. Some of Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa’s ability is her superhuman strength, agility, and durability. She is also gifted in using Katana, an ancient Japanese sword, and a large caliber pistol. You can find more about her if you search for it on the internet.

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