A Bugs Home

By NPOL GAME | 100,000+ Installs

A Bug’s Home is a classic simulation game with microscopic vision. Wonderful worm world can bring you to the cheerful rhythm and agitated game against each other .You can transport and snatch supplies...

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1,080 ratings

Hyper White Blood Cell Dash

By Demium Games | 1,000+ Installs

Is it a leukocyte? An antibiotic? No! It´s Hyper White Blood Cell! Johnny is sick and the only thing you can do is heal him! Where the rest of the immunologic system have failed, the amazing Hyper Whi...

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92 ratings

The Iron Destinies

By Hosted Games | 5,000+ Installs

This is the story of Fe, an Iron atom that caused a supernova. As you take the helm of this atomic hero, soaring through the fabrics of space at the speed of light, take heed of the forces that are no...

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90 ratings


By Greg Gales | 1,000+ Installs

Experiment a great adventure in the microscopic world of cells with my newest free and without ads mobile strategy game : Microbiome! Build your organic empire in this simulation inspired by the real...

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46 ratings

Sim Cell

By Touch Press | 100+ Installs

In this exciting puzzle adventure game, investigate the universe of living cells as you gather information to understand its structure and how it functions. By piecing together your discoveries you ca...

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21 ratings

A Microscopic Game of Epic Proportions

You don’t have to be big to go on large adventures. Introducing: Hyper White Blood Cell Dash! Whether you love Microbiology or not, this microscopic game plays like a runner but with an invisible sight for the naked eye. The game is zoomed in up to 100000x to see all the action. And, as a microscopic game, you play as a protector White Blood Cell, destroying any virus, bacteria or fungi that enter the body. Protect the Red Blood Cells, escort the Platelets to safety and hope that contaminated cells won’t breach to the Mitochondria!

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