Panzer League

By CipSoft GmbH | 100,000+ Installs

Fight alongside your friends in real-time 3v3 matches. Choose your role and master powerful tanks with unique abilities. Destroy the enemy reactor, lead your team to victory and become the MVP. Level...

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Rise of the Droid Gamers

First and foremost, a fun fact: the word Droid is a term clipped from the word Android and is a registered trademark of the studio responsible for the Star Wars saga, Lucasfilm Ltd. With that said, Droids is a term used to describe automata fitted with "some degree of Artificial Intelligence." 30 years ago, this notion would seem farfetched, in our current timeline, however, the notion of battle droids or even droid gamers is likely to become a reality a couple of years from now. Before the time comes, you can check out how we view droids in our current pop-culture through Virtual Droid and Virtual Droid 2 free of charge. Check out the list below for more details.

Avid DroidGamers Can Now Download MOBA Games on PC!

DroidGamers who love playing Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games can now rejoice because these popular games can also be downloaded on PC for free! Get League of Masters, Survival Heroes, and more on your PC without losing your progress in the game.

Just make sure to log-in to your official account or save/sync your progress with your Facebook account to launch your game account on PC! DroidGamers can enjoy the same thrill and game features - only on a better and bigger screen of course. Slay enemies and improve your MOBA character. Download your favorite MOBA games now to start playing them on PC!

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