Pocket Campaigns

By Ian David Elder | 100,000+ Installs

Slip your campaign into your pocket and take it wherever you might need it. Pocket Campaign is a simple GM's tool to convert the flavor of your tabletop campaign (D&D or any other) i...

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Monsters & Generators for D&D

By Manolo D'antonio | 100,000+ Installs

Have the monsters of Dungeons and Dragons always ready and generate encounters on the fly! This app is built around D&D 5e. - Encounter generator: with an easy setup, you can generate encou...

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RPG Companion

By SvEnjoy Productions | 10,000+ Installs

The goal of this app is to improve your life, as a DnD Dungeon Master, or any RPG DM or GM for that matter. Notable features include: -Plot Hook Generator - Browse through hundreds of plot hook...

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MUNE Engine

By Toppin Games | 100+ Installs

Everything you need to quickly get started on your own creative adventure using the MUNE Engine to simulate a dungeon master. Built using the following guide: http://homebrewery.naturalcrit...

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Get Your Generator and Become the Creator

NPC or a Non-Playable Character is one of the most important elements in a video game. A game without NPC is bland, uninteresting, and somewhat comparable to a big empty city or a ghost town at least. With that said, a tabletop game called Dungeons and Dragons comes with a unique feature that allows players to generate their own character. To cope up with the diversity of characters, a digital version of this popular method has surfaced over the years. One example is the 5e NPC Generator, which is an app that comes with everything you need to create the perfect NPC. Even better is there is more variety of generators not only for Dungeons and for Dragons but for other genres as well, just like the ones listed below.

Create Your Own Character With the Random NPC Generator 5e

Calling all Dungeon Masters, game developers, and writers! If you’re struggling to create your own character in a fantasy setting, then the Random NPC generator 5e is going to be your most trusted tool. Not only can you customise the character’s appearance, but you can also start building full profile like abilities, beliefs, and weapon of choice. This is perfect for all sorts of storytellers, a way to make their world so much more immersive and real to both readers and gamers. Check out the Random NPG Generator 5e now!

Create Your Own Characters ad Adventures with NPC Generator

Do you need random NPCs to populate your game? Perhaps to create random characters to make your Dungeon Master or any RPG adventure more interesting?

Look no further. Check out these 3.5 NPC generator apps we have in store for you.

For those who are not familiar with the term, an NPC (or non playable character) is a vital element in a video game. Imagine a city without people. It becomes a ghost town, right?

With these 3.5 NPC generator apps, your game will not become a “ghost town.” You get to create your own characters to make the adventure more interesting.

When you need to add more personalities into the game, check out these 3.5 NPC generator apps.

NPC Generator
Fandom Ship Names Generator: Fluff and Fun
ProDnD Tabletop Game Manager and Dungeon Generator
Bingo Number Generator
5E Treasure Generator
3.5 City Generator
Bingo number generator & caller
Binggen:Bingo Number Generator
Random Smash Character Generator
Bot Maker - Generator
Charades - Word Generator

NPC Generators to Save Hours of DM Work

Railroaded Dungeons and Dragons adventures are fun and all. Unfortunately, it is not as exciting as unlocking the entire world for your players. Afterall, DnD is about encouraging players to explore and roleplay.

Enter NPC generators. They are tools that will save you tons of dungeoneering work. They allow you to improvise NPCs on the fly, so your players derailing the campaign will be faced with clever improvisations.

Our NPC generators are all easy to use but allow complex variables such as personality and background. Some of them even randomly generate race and subrace. The best part? All of them are free to download and use!

Download A Free NPC Generator 3.5 on PC!

If you are looking for an NPC Generator 3.5 for D

Digital NPC Generator

A Non-Playable Character or NPC in role-playing games are individually controlled by the gamemaster. These characters, depending on the scenario, look like your typical locals or bystanders who sometimes holds a clue to a specific quest. In video games, these characters are usually scripted and are controlled by an algorithm, nevertheless, these characters are programmed to serve a purpose similar to the tabletop version.

With that said, in tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, NPCs are generated manually by the Dungeon Master, which can be a pain sometimes. This is where applications like NPC Generator 5e come into play. This amazing tool will save DMs a lot of time. Check out this app today along with other generators below free of charge.

Automate Your NPC Creation

If you are one of the millions of table-top RPG fans who loves playing Dungeons and Dragons but is looking for a quick way to generate NPCs, then you will definitely love the app that is featured on this page. Why settle for manual character creation process when you have an app like the Random NPC Generator just waiting for you to exploit.

This brilliant app allows you to customize and create NPCs instantly. Browse through the long list of attributes, skills, distinguishing features, mannerisms and so much more! Take advantage of today’s technology through this amazing app and spend more time playing and less time generating. The best part is that the Random NPC Generator comes free of charge just like the other apps below.

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