Survive - Wilderness survival

By Juuso Hietalahti | 5,000,000+ Installs

Wilderness survival simulation game. Travel to safety. --- DESCRIPTION --- Try survive and travel to safety. Wilderness survival themed simulation where you need to decide how you spend your...

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123,569 ratings

Hidden Object Wilderness FREE!

By Difference Games LLC | 500,000+ Installs

Difference Games presents, "Journey Into The Wilderness!" - a completely FREE hidden object game! Find unique hidden objects among the wildly beautiful images. This is a wonderful...

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4,385 ratings

Wilderness Car Hitting Zombies

By Racing Zombie Game | 100,000+ Installs

Drive your car through the blocking of heavy zombies, and survive in the end of the world! This is a survival game where you need to drive your chariot as far as possible on the end of the world's...

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672 ratings

Pretend Forest Life: Explore Wilderness Games

By Paint Balls Studio | 10,000+ Installs

Welcome to Pretend Forest Life game, a whole new fun world of pet wonders and hunting adventures. Explore many scenarios and jungle views in the deep forest grounds. Perform bundles of creative and en...

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87 ratings

Mahjong: Into the Wilderness

By Beautiful Free Mahjong Games by Difference Games | 5,000+ Installs

Explore beautiful artwork as you go into the wild! Our Hidden Mahjong game is a tile matching game where you match tiles that are similar and not trapped between other tiles to cl...

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54 ratings

Zulrah - OSRS

By Machu | 5,000+ Installs

Zulrah - OSRS is an app made to help you with the OldSchool RuneScape (OSRS) boss 'Zulrah'. It features two modes; 'Learn' and 'Test' where you can learn rotation sequences and then try to recall them...

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35 ratings

OSRS Pure Experience

By Cenk Studios | 1,000+ Installs

Learn, practice and perfect the art of Old School RuneScape Pure PKing. The OSRS wilderness is undoubtedly one of the scariest places for experienced and inexperienced players alike. Whether yo...

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24 ratings

Old School MMORPG Still Wins with OSRS Zombies

You could say that Old School RuneScape invented MMORPG back when the gaming world didn’t know what it was. Now, Jagex has created a worthy spin-off to the original game with OSRS Zombies. Offering new quests, more than 600 features, festivals, and card game spin offs, it’s likely you can play the game for decades to come! Explore the land of Gielinor to fight off the undead with seagull poo bombs, mount your own prison escape, and learn more about RuneScape lore in this epic fantasy game. You can play online with other OSRS Zombies players or traverse the land on your own offline. So gather up your gear and download the game now!

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