False Fiance: Otome games English(otoge)

By Ciagram CO., LTD. | 50,000+ Installs

"Marry me...!" Handsome manager proposed to me! He was actually a prince!? Secrets and lies beginning from a sham wedding... Can I really find love, in a fully unforeseen development? ■A fiance's frau...

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Love and Revenge: Otome games English(otoge)

By Ciagram CO., LTD. | 10,000+ Installs

"You are my lover from today on" The love and hatred, desire and suspicion swirls Forbidden love story! ■Love and Revenge story In front of you, who lost your family, is the man who blames your older...

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Get Steamy and Romantic with These Otoge Games

Otoge is a Japanese term for a love story-based visual novel game aimed towards the female player. Yes, otoge is for the girls and that means your love interest in every game is a hot anime guy that you’ll fall in love with (given that you’re a weeb that is). In short, an otoge is centered around husbandos that you can interact with. And just like any other visual novel game, your decisions matter which will affect the outcome of the entire game. Get these premium otoge for free on your PC. Click on Get It Free to install the game.

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