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Pokmon: Magikarp Jump

By The Pokemon Company | 10,000,000+ Installs

What is this world coming to?! It's a Pokémon game all about the weakest Pokémon ever—Magikarp! Anyone can play this simple game in their spare time to create the most majestic Magikarp ever in this o...

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    101 Game Store - Free Mini Games needs internet

    By Card Games LLP | 100,000+ Installs

    101 Game Store app contains the following free online games : Cliff Diving Spongebob Gets Ingredients Guns And Blocks Sliding Bricks King Of Chaos American Football Challenge Fastlane Road To Re...

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      Pokemon Play

      Do you love to play Pokemon?

      Are you just crazy about these cute and adorable monsters?

      Then you will love these Magikarp jump is it treasure games. Who would expect the weakest Pokemon will have its own game, and a fun and exciting one at that?

      In these Magikarp jump is it treasure games, you will develop your Magikarp with a strong focus on training to improve its jumping abilities and other physical attributes.

      While the creature is generally weak, you can make it stronger, creating a highly evolved Pokemon with awesome capabilities.

      You can also find other assortment of designs in these Magikarp jump is it treasure games.

      If you love Pokemon, then these games are for you.

      Pokémon: Magikarp Jump
      Pokémon GO
      Helix Jump
      Doodle Jump
      Jelly Jump
      Pokémon Duel
      Happy Jump
      Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
      Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump
      Stack Jump

      Magikarp Jump Game, Who Says Magikarp Has No Use

      If you are a big fan of Pokemon, you know that Magikarp is one of the most useless Pokemon since he can’t do anything. He only becomes valuable once he evolves into the sea monster Gyarados.

      Though he seems useless in Pokemon, Magikarp is actually the star of a popular mobile game called Pokemon Magikarp Jump. The game is not like your typical Pokemon game since battles here involves you battling other Magikarp trainers in a jumping contest.

      That’s right, a jumping contest. That’s why it’s called Magikarp jump since you win if your Pokemon jum[s the highest. You can level up your Magikarp, train him to improve his overall stats and jumping ability.

      It’s a fun and addictive game that makes you think twice about Magikarp being useless.

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