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Can you predict text?

Are you bored and looking for something to do on your free time? Then you might be interested in playing a predictive text game. It is a great thing to do when you are so bored that you could cry.

A predictive text game can either be a wonderful life saver when you are truly bored. Or it can be a schedule destroyer and time waster. Most phones already have this predictive function as it predicts words and phrases while you text, finishing your sentences. However, the algorithm can still get finicky, resulting in inaccurate results if not downright embarrassing.

Looking for a predictive text game to play? Check out our selection of the best text-based games to fill your day.

Impossible Quest: text adventure

Magium - Text adventure RPG (CYOA)

Paladins: Text Adventure RPG

DEAD CITY Text Adventure & Cyoa

Choices That Matter - text based game

Mr. President – Text Adventure

King of Dragon Pass: Text Adventure RPG

Fake Text Message

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