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Puppies & Kittens - Line Puzzle Game is a FREE one-line puzzle game to sharpen your mind and train you brain. Now making a good use of your spare time! How To Play: ※ Connect the blocks with one l...

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Puzzling Cuteness

Two unlikely combinations you least to expect in gaming is cuteness and intricacies. As unique as this concoction maybe, this coexistence may be beneficial for the player. As you may have noticed, the games above feature a diverse collection of the intricately fun puzzle game 2048. For the most part, the puzzle is easy to exploit, achieving the main goal of reaching the score of 2048 can be mind-boggling sometimes. To solve this dilemma, we created a list of games below that features some of the most charming puppies in video games. With games like the iconic PS Vita Pets: Puppy Parlor, getting stressed-out in 2048 will soon become a thing of the past. Check the rest of the list below for more details.

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