Six Degrees of Hitler

By Six Degrees Development | 10,000+ Installs

Six Degrees of Hitler. Get to Hitler before time runs out! This game will start you off viewing a random wikipedia article. Your goal is to get to the Adolf Hitler article by clicking on article links...

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119 ratings

Wiki Race - Wikipedia Game

By Chewed Carrot | 1,000+ Installs

The Wiki Race is all about learning and fun. How do you play? At the beginning of each game, you will get a pair of random articles from Wikipedia, where the first is the starting point and the secon...

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87 ratings

Eins Zwei Hitler!

By Z-Collective | 500+ Installs

This is an adaptation of the classic Wiki Race to find the Page of Adolf Hitler. Start: You will be shown a random Page of a Wikipedia Article. You have 3, 5 or 8 clicks left, depending on your diffic...

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9 ratings

grid puzzles

By rdurbin | 500+ Installs

a simple puzzle game. you solve the puzzle by using the number clues on the rows and colums. for example in a 5x5 puzzle, if you get a clue of 5 you will fill all 5 squares in that row or column. I...

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WikiGames and WikiQuizzes

WikiHow do you make a game off any random Wikipedia article? By getting any information off the website and develop your own unofficial game, of course! These two WikiGames comprise of quizzes from multiple categories such as history, persons, science and pop culture. These games are great educational tools rather than just reading a random Wikipedia article online. Set with various difficulties to choose from, both WikiMaster and WikiGame play fair with questionnaires based on the information from the Wiki. Each question also comes with a link to the random Wikipedia article. You can now play both games using your PC for free.

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