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For Massive Multiplayer Online players - r/mmo is the Place to Be

Everything you want to talk about and anything you need to know can be found in the r/mmo subreddit. When you join the group, it lets you discuss with other die-hard fans of MMO role-playing games what you need to know about new releases, updates on popular titles, and generally any thoughts you might have on the industry. The r/mmo isn't just reserved for the serious gamer. Casual gamers can get into the discussion to so that they can get tips and tricks on a specific game.

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Why Does The MMORPG Subreddit Hate Mobile Online RPGs?

Seeing PC and console players ridicule mobile MMORPG is no surprise to the world of gaming. And in the case of the subreddit r mmo, you can feel the hate for them. We can’t blame them. After all, veteran players in r mmo are fully experienced in highly-skilled MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Star Wars The Old Republic and The Elder Scrolls Online. These are games that don’t include auto-skills and auto-play in which we can respect. But if you don’t care what the likes of r mmo say about mobile MMORPGs, then try playing these on your PC.

Elemental Knights R and other Classic RPGs

If you like the gameplay of Elemental Knights R in Nintendo switch, then we have tons of RPG games that you will surely enjoy! Just like Elemental Knights R, these games utilize all the classic RPG tropes we all know and love. For instance, they are usually class-based and have tiered loot systems.

In case you get bored with all these RPGs (which is close to impossible), you can check out the rest of our games. No matter the genre of your choice, our games are free to play and download, so you can test them all out until you discover a game that will fit your exact needs.

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