Pocket Pixelmon GO Catch Tournament

By El Dudduy Games | 100,000+ Installs

With Pixelmon Go! you can track all the pocket beasts who are close thanks to the camera built into your telephone. Use the Pockets Balls to catch all monsters who cross your path! No need to go outsi...

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831 ratings

Craft Catch Go: Pixel Monster

By Just Game app | 5,000+ Installs

Welcome to new adventure game of Craft Catch Go: Pixel Monster, in which Craft Catch Go: Pixel Monster is full with challenging cube in craft, what you expect go many adventures with pixelmon monster...

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Have Endless Fun with Exp Share Pixelmon

Do you want to play an awesome FPS game?

With these Exp Share Pixelmon games, you get to fight against other players from around the world.

In addition to the fast-paced battles and exciting shooting encounters, you will also collect Exp Share Pixelmon eggs. You will use these eggs to build your own collection of Exp Share Pixelmon beings.

Wander around the pixel world and catch your pixelmons. But keep your eyes open for other players who may put you in their sights.

These Exp Share Pixelmon games are full of action and adventure. If you are into exhilarating quests and thrilling battles, you will love these games.

Go ahead and check them out. 

The Sandbox: Craft Play Share
Pixelmon Shooting“ Online Go
Pixelmon GO - Catch them all!
Pixelmon Adventures
Epic Game Maker - Create and Share Your Levels!
Pixelmon Arena
Pixelmon Trainer Craft: Catch

Get Your Free Pixelmon Exp Share on PC!

Get Your Free Pixelmon Exp Share on PC!

If you cannot get enough of your Pixelmon adventure, there are still many games and mods to explore! Get free Pixelmon GO and Pixelmon Adventures for your PC and experience a fun monster-catching and training game like no other. Start hunting for eggs or Pixelmon monsters in your hometown to enjoy the wonderful world of Pixelmon!

Your free Pixelmon Exp Share item gives your Pixelmon extra experience points even if it is not actively participating in battle. It will also gain from the defeated Pixelmon's points. Experience the unique action and adventure on PC. Download Pixelmon games for free now!

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Pixelmon shooting - online go
Pixelmon GO - catch them all!
Pixelmon Adventures

The Pixelmon Legacy

Inspired by the iconic Japanese monster hunting game Pokemon, Pixelmon comes as one of the most interesting not to mention the biggest mod for Minecraft. For more than five years, the iconic mod has evolved to become the most sought out and much-welcomed addition to the sandbox game. Unfortunately, the official mod shut down its doors due to copyright reasons. With that said, fragments and apps inspired by the iconic mod are still accessible online.

One example is Pixelmon shooting – online go which is an FPS inspired by Pixelmon. This free-to-play game allows players to collect Pixelmon eggs which can then be used to create a weapon. Check out other Pixelmon inspired game below for more details.

Pixelmon Exp Share - Share the Pixelmon Experience!

Pixelmon is a faithful minecraft adaptation of the popular Pokemon franchise. It is a gigantic project that spans across multiple generations. It even features a lot of the original mechanics like EV training and mega evolution! In fact, there’s a Pixelmon Xp share that works like the original Pokemon XP share!

Unfortunately, Pixelmon is not available for Minecraft PE. Thankfully, there are games that mirror the original Pixelmon. The best part is all of these games are free to download and play, so why don’t you grab your Pixelmon Xp Share, share the experience, and play these games with your friends!

Pixelmon PC for Fun

Do you want to play in a world that you created? You can play the Almighty by giving life to your world and annihilating everything in just minutes with a tap of your finger. There is no limit as to what you can do in pixelmon pc . Imagine a world where you can do anything and make everything. 

Do you want dinosaurs and ninjas in one game? Not a problem! Robots fighting zombies? Go ahead! Create a world of your own with pixelmon pc. One of the coolest feature about this game is that you can compose and choose your own music to go with the game. 

For more games such as this one, check them out.

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