Troll Adventures

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Time to travel around the world with this funny and weird puzzle game, Troll Adventures, by Find out the way of passing each level trying not to be trolled by the stupid laughing trol...

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Silver Games - An Opportunity to Troll the Trolls!

Are you tired of the old online trolls trying to start a fight wherever they find themselves on the internet? If you are, then you should tap into your inner memeologist and try to troll the mighty Troll Face himself!

With silvergamescom, you can play hilarious puzzle games with semi-twisted slapstick humor. You can start by playing Troll Adventures PC, a multi-level puzzle game that will put your creativity and your funny bones to their limits.

Pick a SilverGamesCom game now, travel the world, and become an anti-troll expert! All games are completely free, so get’em now!

Fight the Trolls

Tired of annoying trolls that only want to stir a fight with you online?

Fight back against the trolls. Get into your memeologist alter ego and upset the very irritating Troll Face himself.

From Silver comes another awesome game that lets you play tricks and annoy the heck out of the trolls. Be creative as you come up with twisted humor and slapstick jocularity in response to the deliberately offensive Troll Face.

Check out Troll Adventures.

This Silver game gives you the chance to troll the trolls.

Is that a treat or what?

It is payback time with this Silver game. Take on the offensive and assault the annoying Troll Face with much provocation.

Check it out.

Troll Adventures

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Download Free Adventure Games From Siver Games on Your PC!

Embark in a fun and unique adventure game that is created by Siver Games! In Troll Adventures, you can travel the world via a funny and weird puzzle game. You can unlock the next level by answering riddles and avoid trolls that can infect you with their stupid laughter and trollface.

Test your wits and try to dethrone the king of jokes and trolls in this silly Troll Adventures game from Siver Games! Download the game today on PC for free and enjoy a unique and funny journey like no other. Fight off stickmen, and try to complete every trollface quest that are thrown in your way.

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Troll Adventures

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