Toy Cube Crush - Tapping Games

By BinWang | 100,000+ Installs

Toy Cube Crush, the brand new cube-tapping game, is released now! Tap the same color cubes to build various boosters and apply the magic props wisely to complete hundreds of amazing levels! Think qu...

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4,218 ratings

Dream Tapper : Tapping RPG

By Super Awesome Inc. | 100,000+ Installs

Dream Tapper : Tapping RPG Tap! Tap! Tap! Quickly! (Click! Click! Click! Quickly!) Simplest RPG in your hand! You tap the screen to fight monsters. Tap more, more. Just keep tapping! As you defeat mon...

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3,628 ratings

Pinata Masters Fun Tapping Game

By Unit M Casuals | 10,000+ Installs

Welcome to pinata masters party. A fun tapping game is here for all party lovers. How to Play: - Pinata masters fun tapping game is full of awesome collections of weapons, locations and characters....

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57 ratings

OOOO - Local Multiplayer Finger Tapping

By HRViolations | 1,000+ Installs

OOOO - Local Multiplayer Finger Tapping You tap on a circle, it gives points. You hold it pressed, and it eventually disappears. OOOO is a game for 2, 3 or 4 people, that can be played for half a minu...

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26 ratings

Tapping Dash Arcade Clicker

By Icestone | 500+ Installs

Get ready for a crazy tap tap dash! Idle games are fun, but this free clicker will become your favorite speed tapping game. Tap the dot, earn money and upgrade. Features: ∞ Fast-paced 2D tapping game...

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17 ratings

Ants in My Crack: Tapping Fun!

By Ugly Art Studios | 1,000+ Installs

Grab, smack, swat and tap the ants! Essentially a fun clicker game at its core, Ants in My Crack lets you go from casual to extreme tapping, swatting, smacking & grabbing of relentless ants determ...

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13 ratings

Slumpy Asteroids - Arcade Tapping Game

By pg5-Studio | 100+ Installs

Slumpy Asteroids is a fast paced tapping game which gets every second faster and faster. Protect the city by destroying the slumpy asteroids before they crash into the buildings and be the hero the in...

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12 ratings

Tapping Tutor

By Wherrelz Corporation | 10+ Installs

A super simple no-brain game aimed at training you to tap better. V 0.1 - basic playability and scoring V 0.2 - more challenges and simple music Planned: - Fancy movement for tap-targets - Better gra...

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10 ratings

Donut Glazer: Sweet Tapping Frenzy

By Reso Coder | 100+ Installs

Fresh and crispy donuts are going down the conveyor belt ???? Tap those which are unglazed to make them more delicious ???? ???? ???? ???? Beware not to glaze an already glazed donut and don't let a...

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6 ratings

Floaty Boxxy ~ Simple Tapping Game

By Archtects Productions | 100+ Installs

Source Code: " " Play the most moderately enjoyable game you'll play in your lifetime ... Probably. Floaty Boxy is a simple game that involves nothing more th...

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5 ratings

More than your usual tapping games

Tap, tap, tap!

Are you looking for tapping games?

Whether you are looking to keep up the pace and in tune with the rhythm or you are fighting monster, tap fast and tap hard.

In these tapping games, you earn your monster kill or gold keep by tapping timely. Will you be fast enough?

Take the time to concentrate on the goings-on in these games. Do not suppress your instincts. Trust your gut. And when it is time to tap, fire away.

The challenge in these games is not so much on the enemy or objective. Rather, it is the timing and speed at which you deliver your taps.

Get moving and fire away in these tapping games.

Dream Tapper: Tapping RPG

Speed Tapping - Tap Fast

Ants In My Crack: Tapping Fun

Donut Glazer: Sweet Tapping Frenzy

Spaceman Tapping Adventure

Tap Titans

Piano Free - Keyboard with Magic Tiles Music Games

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