Tem Market

By ParadiseFox Studio | 10,000+ Installs

Everyone knows the famous game, created by the one designer. I, inspired by his game, decided to create a mini game, about one secret location in the game. The aim of the game is to score the largest...

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How to Obtain the Tem Armor

The Temmie Armor commonly referred to as the Tem Armor is the second most powerful armor in the world of Undertale. Obtaining this piece of equipment the player is required to purchase the 1000g priced "tem pay 4 colleg" in order to unlock the epic item. The Tem Armor for one comes with a 9999G price tag, however, a discount takes effect each time the protagonist dies. The discount will only stop on the protagonists' 25th death bringing the price down to 750G. Cool right? One thing that the player should consider is that the Tem Armor is not available when you take the Genocide Route. With that said, why don't you try out the Tem Market app from Paradise Fox Studios along with other Undertale and armor related games below.

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