Alive Museum Night Visit

By Stone3DGames | 100,000+ Installs

Alive Museum Night Visit This is a real museum visit game. You will visit Alive Museum in night.Alive Museum means everything will be alive when you will go near the any object.Gorilla,Tigers,L...

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688 ratings

Ayuwoki - Michael Jackson Visit

By Bunker Surfer | 10,000+ Installs

The legend of Ayuwoki Your weapon is a lamp and the sound of EO * You must react fast and hold 3 minutes. * May appear under the bed, on the ceiling... in the windows...

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291 ratings

My City : Dentist visit

By My Town Games Ltd | 10,000+ Installs

The city is excited, the dentist and his family have moved in! My City : Dentist Visit is where you decide what happens and when. It is your story. Our new game brings lots of exciting new locations t...

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Magical Elf Dress up

By AzaleasDolls | 50,000+ Installs

Create your elf OC: What kind of ears does she have? What is her skin color? Does she wear pants, a skirt, or both? Does she cast spells? Does she have a sword like Zelda, or is she an archer like Tau...

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653 ratings

Elf Avatar

By AzaleasDolls | 50,000+ Installs

Customize every detail of your elf, to make her Celtic, gothy, tribal, medieval, ethereal, or your own flavor! To make the eyes really pop, tweak three colors within the iris, and adjust the lighting...

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Elf Boy Dress up

By AzaleasDolls | 10,000+ Installs

Create a male OC with a custom face and hairstyle, design his fantasy outfit, choose his weapons and friends, and finally, pick a background scene. You’ll be able to create a wide variety of looks, fr...

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Dress-up Games like AzaleasDolls

Nothing makes a game more personal than being able to customize your character. Of course, how can you feel that a character is yours, if you can’t project your thoughts, style, and fashion statement using your virtual avatar? Thankfully, there are dress-up games that created a whole new universe of customizability.

AzaleasDolls is a publisher of dress-up games such as Elf Avatar PC and Elf Boy Dress Up PC. All these games let you customize your character to make them fit a concept of your liking. Do you want a Celtic or Gothic elf? Nobody will stop you from doing so!

Glam Up in this Dress-Up Game!

In Azaleas Dolls, your imagination is the limit! Why buy real dolls to dress them up when you can bring out your creativity in this game? Whether you are a fashion designer or just some chic gal who wants to rock posh clothes, Azaleas Dolls is your number one virtual fashion simulator. Choose from hundreds of themes and create characters with various fashion items! Glam up your doll and achieve any kind of looks with unlimited dress choices. Azaleas Dolls will let you mix and match clothes to and become the fashion icon that you are designed to be!

Azealas Dolls - Dress Up Games with Specific Themes

Ahh. The good old days of playing Y8 games. Kids back then only have to play some sort of dress-up games to be happy. Nowadays, the gaming standards of people have skyrocketed.

If girls were happy that they can play dress up back then, girls today look for specific dress-up gameplay. This is where Azealas Dolls come in.

Azealas dolls are dress up with specific concepts. For instance, there are Azealas doll games that will let you dress up an elf boy. No matte your dress-up need, our Azealas doll games got your back.

Dress Up the AzaleaDolls

Dress up the cute AzaleaDolls and parade your beautiful fashion creations for the world to see. AzaleaDolls is a game that will let you customize dolls and give them a fashion makeover! The game has customization options that will give you access to headdresses, gowns, accessories, shoes, and more. Bring out the fashion designer in you because AzaleaDolls will let you express your creativity without limitations. The sky is the limit when it comes to the ways that you can dress up the dolls in this game. Get AzaleaDolls for free and download more dress-up doll games only here at

Dress Up Azaleas Dolls for Free

Azaleas Dolls is a very popular game for girls and kids. If you know this game from your childhood, then you are probably excited to play this on your PC. Azaleas Dolls is a great pastime if you are looking for a way to kill your boredom. In the game, you will have to dress up the dolls with all the available clothes and accessories. If you are a fan of dress up games, you will find that Azaleas Dolls is a great game that will bring out your creativity. Download your free copy now!

Hold Up Now, Are They Link and Zelda?

Personally, I’d like to think so but they’re dress-up games that look just like them! Azalea’s Dolls is a long-running develop that creates dress-up games inspired by the likes of The Legend of Zelda and the Mario princesses.

Azalea’s Dolls used to make games on the browser but transferred to the mobile platform. And so, we at turned the Azalea’s Dolls games into PC versions! Dress up your favorite elves and bring them on a night-out that they won’t ever forget! Download right now for your PC. Go ahead, it’s free.

Azalea dolls - Witness the Glory of Flash Technology!

Soon, flash games will be totally erased from the net as modern browsers will no longer support them. As this dark age slowly approaches us, more and more of our favorite publishes of web-based games are either getting crushed or moving on to different platforms. For instance, Azalea dolls!
Azalea dolls is a publisher of dress-up games that boast unique concepts. This publisher is a proof that even niche games can be further subdived into niches! Truly, the gaming world is a diverse one.
Download Azalea dolls games now and witness the glory of the games from the age of flash technology!

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