Ripple Munch

By Chechesoft | 100,000+ Installs

Use your finger to make ripples in the aquarium and guide a voracious piranha in order to eat all the tasty fish. Avoid the colourful enemies, at least while being smaller than them! An original contr...

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Grow With Every Bite When You Play Piranha IO

Sometimes the simplest games are the most addicting! Piranha IO one such game and we promise that you’ll be playing it for hours. Here, you’ll be playing a piranha who has to eat all the other fish (yes, even other piranhas) so you can grow bigger and bigger. You get progress through the levels as you become larger and are able to devour even larger fish. Piranha IO is a free game which you can play on your mobile or desktop. Get on a feeding frenzy and hunt down some fish (or even some rowdy tourists) with Piranha IO!

Get on a Feeding Frenzy With Piranh IO

A worthy addition to your library of addicting games, the Piranh Io will definitely eat up your time, and eat up all the smaller fishes in the ocean. For each round at Piranh IO, you will be tasked to eat all the smaller fishes in the ocean. As you grow big, the fishes you need to consume become even bigger. You only progress through the game once you’ve reached the size limit per round. When it comes to killing time, there really is nothing like simple but challenging games like this. So download it now!

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