Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One

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Your first case as a detective is forcing you to open your eyes to a world bigger than you thought. But maybe it's better to keep them closed. Knowing too much doesn’t help anyone sleep at night! Seem...

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Create Your Own Story

What if the choices you make dictate your destiny? What if you were given complete control over your life? Will you drive it into prosperity or into oblivion? Create your own destiny in Wayhaven Chronicles. The game is a novel fantasy wherein you can choose what you want to happen next. You will be presented with options to proceed to the story and each choice you make will greatly influence the next events in the novel. Wayhaven Chronicles is unlike any other game that you have ever played. Be ready to travel into a world where you control your fate in Wayhaven Chronicles.

Wayhaven Chronicles Book 2 Fantasy Adventure

It started in Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One and the story continues. Jump into the world of Wayhaven Chronicles Book 2 and discover a whole new high-fantasy world to be explored. You are in control of the story and it is up to you to make the decisions of where it will lead. Discover more of these fantastical PC games with a wide selection of immersive storylines and captivating adventures much like Wayhaven Chronicles Book 2. Get a chance to enter the world of The Walking Dead: Season One and take part in the ongoing fight for survival. There are many more free game downloads to discover.

Unravel The Mystery in Wayhaven Book 2

Focus the inner detective and challenge your powers of deduction in a storytelling franchise that will keep you gripped on the edge of your seat with the Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One and Wayhaven Book 2 games that are free to download on Games.lol for PC and Mac. Enter an incredible world beyond anything you could ever imagine and take control of the story as it progresses with your own choices changing the outcome. Then dig deeper into Wayhaven Book 2 or download another awesome story game like The Walking Dead: Season One that takes place in a world that you are already familiar with because of the hit TV series.

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