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Lover Kidnap - Escape Game

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This is an adventurous love story of a boy rescuing his kidnapped girlfriend from a gangster on this Valentine’s Day… This game is developed by the leading escape game developer. Lover k...

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    100 Room Escape Game

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    WowEscape is developed a point and click escape game with 100 levels! With extremely challenging puzzles. This 100 Room Escape Game contains of 100 rooms, 100 escape task, and 1000 puzzles. You need t...

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      25 Girls Rescue Games

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      WowEscape is developed a point and click escape game with 25 Girls Rescue levels! With extremely challenging puzzles. This 25 Girls Rescue Games contains of 25 rescue operation, 25 escape task, and 50...

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        Wow Escape

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        WowEscape is a specialized developer and publisher of escape games. Now we will be in your hand at any time. Play our new game daily and no need for installation for each time. One time install will...

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          Escape is Your Only Option

          In movies, escape is sometimes is never an option, in video games, on the other hand, escape plays a major part in an entire sub-genre of games. These type of games allows players to experience dire situations wherein escape is the only option. Escape the Room as the name suggests, is a concoction of various elements from puzzle, adventure, point and click, and sometimes time. Most of these games provide players the freedom to do whatever they want and use their analytical skills in order to escape. Some, however, comes with a simple premise, just like Lover Kidnap - Escape Game from If you are looking for a different theme, you can check out the other escape games below free of charge.

          Solve Free Wowescape Games On Your PC!

          If you like playing and solving mystery games, then wowescape games would be a thrilling adventure for you! In these games, you have to track down and save a girl from her abductors. The mission is not easy, because you need to find clues and deal with dangerous enemies along the way.

          There are over 20 levels and numerous puzzles in each level to crack the mystery of every abducted person. So make sure you use your logic and problem-solving skills well in these wowescape games! Download and enjoy the game on PC for free. A fun and challenging game awaits!

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          Lover Kidnap - Escape Game

          Thrilling Games By Wow Escape

          If escape is your thing, then you’ll want to check out some of the games by a game studio called Wow Escape. Clearly, they specialize in this sort of genre. In fact, their most popular game is the highly-rated 100 Room Escape Game that will really push your brain to the edge with its intricate puzzles and brain teasers. Make your way out, that is the only goal. But Wow Escape have been trying some new twists to the genre. Proof of which is their second game Lover Kidnap - Escape Game, don’t let the lovey-dovey graphics fool you, this can be challenging and thrilling in its own right. So get downloading now!

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