AirConsole - Multiplayer Game Console

By N-Dream | 1,000,000+ Installs

AirConsole - This multiplayer game console is the new way to play together with friends. Use a computer, Android TV or tablet as console and smartphones as gamepads to play single player and multiplay...

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AirConsole for TV - The Multiplayer Game Console

By N-Dream | 50,000+ Installs

Play multiplayer games together! AirConsole is a complete video game system right on your Android TV. AirConsole offers both single player and multiplayer games. A full console experience without the...

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Smoots Air Summer Games

By N-Dream | 5,000+ Installs

####A smartphone is required to play this game.#### Get the Gold Medal! Get ready for Summer Games!! Play athletics event from your sofa. Prepare yourself for the next season. Smoot Air Summer Games i...

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Tied Together

By N-Dream | 5,000+ Installs

####Smartphones are required to play this game.#### Cute monsters and fun gameplay! Help little monsters escape the lab to their freedom! Tied Together is a game where players must help tiny cute litt...

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Play With Your Friends on Your PC

Turn your PC into a console with's official app. AirConsole will let you stream your games to your PC and use your mobile device as a controller. What's the best way to play games than to play them on bigger screens right? The official app from will let you play your favorite games on your PC without suffering from lags and input delays. The best thing about the app is that you can also enjoy single-player modes when you just want to play a casual game. is the best way to binge your mobile content into a bigger platform.

Air Console Lets You Play Games With Friends

As the latest consoles just keep getting more and more expensive, there are some alternatives that will let you have the same fun arcade-like experience with your friends and family. Air Console is an attempt to turn the ordinary PC game into something more. In fact, the free AirConsole - Multiplayer Game Console download will let you enjoy some of the most fun video games with your friends and family right there with you so the laughs just keep rolling on forever. And with the AirConsole for TV - The Multiplayer Game Console version of Air Console, you can have it on the biggest screen of your home which will never let the fun times end.

A New Era of Multiplayer Games

If you are tired of the usual online multiplayer gaming and are looking for a unique gaming platform you and your friends can partake in, then Airconsole could be the one you are looking for. Airconsole allows you to connect to and access over 147 video game titles you and your friends can play online.

From cooperative to intense multiplayer battles Airconsole has got you covered. If you love trivia games or have a constant need for a fast and intense racing game, you need not look further with this amazing online console. Check out the app today along with the other free apps from the same genre below and dive into hours of multiplayer fun.

Enjoy A Whole New Multiplayer Game Experience By Using AirConsole!

Playing games in multiplayer mode has evolved so much in many ways. In the 90s, multiplayer modes are just limited with the number of actual controls or keyboards that you can use. Nowadays, gamers can play in multiplayer mode - even if they are continents apart.

Generally, multiplayer games can be played via the Internet with each player focusing on their own mobile tablets or phones. However with AirConsole, gameplay can be simulcasted on a TV screen for all players to enjoy! Whether you opt to play solo or with other players from different parts of the world, you can enjoy all the action on TV with AirConsole. Download now!

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AirConsole - Multiplayer Game Console
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