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Take Your Squad Into Space

Build your own squad and conquer the universe in X-Wing Squad Builder. Create your own team and choose from either side of the faction in this action-packed squad builder game. X-Wing Squad Builder is the perfect game for all Star Wars fans out there. Want to know how a team of Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire ships will turn out? Download X-Wing Squad Builder and see if you can find some chemistry between two opposing forces in the Star Wars universe. If you want to experience a different Star Wars game, get this now and check out other related games.

Fight the Empire in this Classic Strategy Game

X-Wing Squad Builder has been around for some time for years. Now on its 2nd edition, X-Wing Squad Builder continues the same mechanics of the original while adding fresh content to the strategy game! It’s just like D&D but set in the Star Wars universe during the Galactic Civil War. Plan your actions accordingly because in this game, once you lose your comrades, you lose them forever. After all, the fight for the Rebellion marches onward no matter the cost. X-Wing Squad Builder is now available to play for free on PC.

Command the Rebels and Defeat the Empire Once and For All

X Wing Squad Builder brings strategy to a whole new level. As the commander of the Rebellion, you are in charge of the space fleet in a fight for survival against the never-ending menace of the mighty Empire. In X Wing Squad Builder your job is to create the most elite pilot squad in the Rebellion. The fleets are counting on you to infiltrate and destroy the Empire’s plans from advancing. But beware: once one of your squad members die, they die for good. X Wing Squad Builder is now available for free on PC.

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