By zlap.io | 1,000,000+ Installs

! REQUIRES A FAST AND STABLE INTERNET CONNECTION ! zlap.io - The new addictive IO-style online multiplayer game. Control your player with the left and swing your mace with the right on-screen j...

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9,391 ratings

slap.io for zlap.io

By Sprinter Games | 1,000,000+ Installs

slap io is a new famous io zlap game with large arena. Play against others. Swing your spiky ball and slap others with it to kill them. By killing them you can make your spiky ball larger and la...

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4,232 ratings

needle.io narwhale

By Sprinter Games | 1,000,000+ Installs

needle.io narwhale is a new famous IO game, play against to others in order to be biggest narwhale io gamer. Speed up towards the others to attack and kill them with your sharp needle....

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Swing and Zlap Enemies On A Huge Multiplayer Arena

If you are looking for intense non-stop action, then you might like games such as Zlap io and Slap io. In these games, there’s no such thing as chill. You are thrown right away in a multiplayer arena where everyone has to swing and slap each other - only the strongest wins!

Swing your mace or spiky ball and zlap your enemies out of the arena to be one of the strongest players in the battlefield. These games are played in real-time, so make sure you have a stable WiFi connection in your area. Don’t lag behind, or else the other players will come for you and slap you out!

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