ZType Space Typing & Spelling

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Looking to practice your typing and spelling? Looking for interesting typing games for kids? Look no further! We have the perfect combination: ZType is a fast, entertaining action game, combined with...

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Ztype and Other Interesting Typing Games

Given all the typing helpers and tutors plaguing the internet, learning to touch type is now a breeze. Unfortunately, there is one gaping problem that modern typing helpers fail to address – learning to type is so BORING. Yep! You probably can’t name athree-year-old kid who is willing to memorize the contents of the keyboard, letter by letter, finger by finger.

Thankfully, Ztype offers a variety of games perfect for those who are willing to invest time but not patience. Offering fun ways to learn to type fast, Ztype games is a company that can revolutionize the industry.

You can start by grabbing your free ZType Space Typing

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