ZType Space Typing & Spelling

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Looking to practice your typing and spelling? Looking for interesting typing games for kids? Look no further! We have the perfect combination: ZType is a fast, entertaining action game, combined with...

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Ztype and Other Interesting Typing Games

Given all the typing helpers and tutors plaguing the internet, learning to touch type is now a breeze. Unfortunately, there is one gaping problem that modern typing helpers fail to address – learning to type is so BORING. Yep! You probably can’t name athree-year-old kid who is willing to memorize the contents of the keyboard, letter by letter, finger by finger.

Thankfully, Ztype offers a variety of games perfect for those who are willing to invest time but not patience. Offering fun ways to learn to type fast, Ztype games is a company that can revolutionize the industry.

You can start by grabbing your free ZType Space Typing

ZType Space Typing & Spelling Shooting Game

Zty.pe is a game like no other! This fun game combines shooting and spelling games in one. Plus, it is also full of thrill and excitement. Surely, you would feel the intensity while playing this worthwhile game. That is because the gameplay is not just like ordinary shooting games. In this game, you need to use a keyboard to spell the names of all incoming enemies approaching you. Make sure that you have speedy fingers and good spelling skills as you need to do it fast and quick. Zty.pe will surely put you on the edge of your seat. Play this now!

Typing racing games for you and me

Do you want to improve your typing and spelling skills? Why not get better at typing while having fun? Typing racing games is the game who think you do not need but desperately needs to have. You can practice typing and spelling without the boring usual motions. 

And if you are trying to teach kids typing this is the app that you need to download. It will help them get motivated to learn because of the typing rain games. Learning spelling and typing has never been this fun and easy. So get your typing groove on and get this app now.

Improve Your Typing Speed and Skills on Typing Racer!

In the digital age, typing is a basic skill that allows you to encode and print words efficiently for day to day purposes. Whether for work, school, and personal documentation purposes, your typing ability will always come in handy. Typing faster and more efficiently can save you time and help you become more productive, so it is very important to constantly improve it!

To help you with this, there are free typing racer apps that can test your speed and typing ability. It can also help you improve and spell words accurately with the keyboard. Download free typing racer apps to start now!

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ZType Space Typing & Spelling

Typing Race in Ztype Space Game

If you have heard of Rtype then you are in for something really interesting. No, it is not the same kind of shooter, but ZType Space Typing & Spelling takes the shooter game and turns it upside down with some really interesting gameplay mechanics. You are probably familiar with the typical shooter, but are you also familiar with the typing race games? Well, that is what makes this kind of special, because it is a mix of space shooter and typing race. Experience something new by downloading and enjoying Ztype and other awesome free game downloads from the Games.lol website.

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