Beat Racer
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Beat Racer PC – A Distinctive Twist to a Runner Game

beat racer download PC
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beat racer download free
beat racer download PC
beat racer download PC free
beat racer download full version
beat racer download free

One of the fun and addictive games that you can play are endless runner games because of their simple, yet challenging gameplay. Well, if you enjoy playing endless runner games, then you will also enjoy playing this endless driving game named Beat Racer. Find out what this amazing game is about.

Endless Car Driving With a Twist

Beat Racer is an arcade music game published by ZPLAY Games. It’s an endless driving game, where you drive a car forward and then avoid all obstacles until you reach the end. One of the biggest differences here is that it’s also a music game. This means that you don’t just avoid obstacles, but also you have to collect beats. Moreover, it also has different levels, and each level usually lasts for the duration of the music. Overall, it’s a very fun game that provides upbeat music as you collect beats and avoid obstacles.

Let’s discuss how to play this arcade game in the next section.

Getting Started Playing Beat Racer PC

Like any endless runner game, Beat Racer PC will begin the first level with a short tutorial. It will teach you how to avoid obstacles. Swiping left will make the car go left and swiping right will make it go right. Meanwhile, swiping up will make it jump, avoiding the obstacle that blocks all paths on the road. As you try to avoid obstacles, you also have to collect all the beats that you can. Not only do they add a more up-tempo beat to the music playing, but they’re also resources. You will need them for upgrading vehicles and purchasing new ones.

These beats will also act as energy for your vehicle’s weapon. Once you’ve collected enough, it will activate your weapon. The weapon is used for other vehicles that are chasing you from behind. Just make sure you’re on the same path, then swipe down to fire the weapon.

There will be several enemy vehicles coming at you, and they will do it one at a time so you won’t get overwhelmed. It’s important to shoot them down as soon as possible since they move faster and will catch up to you in no time. Also, take note that hitting an obstacle won’t destroy you, but it will slow you down. This will allow enemy vehicles to catch up to you instantly.

Great Features to Watch Out For

  • Awesome and cool-looking graphics
  • Funky electronic music
  • Numerous cars to use that you can upgrade
  • Simple and easy-to-learn controls
  • Free to play

If you enjoy arcade games like this one, then you should also try playing Geometry Dash. It’s a side-scrolling endless runner game that also makes use of upbeat music. If you prefer only endless runner games, then try Subway Surfers, a fun endless runner that also allows you to ride hoverboards. Get them all for free here at




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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