Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague and rebel doctors Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague and rebel doctors Best PC Games

Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague and rebel doctors

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Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague and rebel doctors Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Bio Inc - Biomedical Plague and rebel doctors PC – 1000 Conditions to Play With


Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague and rebel doctors allow you to save virtual lives by becoming a medical specialist. Alternatively, you can become a twisted doctor who can play with your patient’s life by injecting all sorts of disease hybrids.  Are you curious about everything that Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague and rebel doctors has to offer? Then read on to find out more!


Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague and rebel doctors Gameplay

Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague and rebel doctors PC features a complex simulation of the human body. All the systems of the body are included, ranging from the nervous system to the digestive system.


100 + Realistic Conditions in Bio Inc.

Messing up with a system can cause a chain reaction of medical conditions. Thus, you should strategically choose which disease will affect the patient the most. You can even alter the patient’s risk factors so that he will suffer from diseases even if you don’t want to lift a finger!


Race Against Time!

Do you think you can handle the pressure and intensity of this game? The doctors will eventually be able to cure the disease if you are too slow. Try different strategies to see which will be the fastest in terms of killing the host! Find the right approach to get ahead and stay ahead of everyone else.

Get your free Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague and rebel doctors by downloading free PC game now! You can also check our other simulation games that you may like such as Plague Inc. or  Survival Forest : Survivor Home Builder. All games are FREE of course!

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