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BitLife Online Life Simulator Free Download Now on PC

How will you live your BitLife? Give this virtual life a go. Start making choices and see for yourself what path your life is heading in the game. BitLife Online is the first text-based life simulator in the market. It is much like the other simulation games just without the 3D human characters but the same mechanics of making choices in which players are in control of how the lives of their character will turn out.

You will start as a random character at birth and will be making choices as your virtual life progresses. Imagine being a newborn with full control of your life? Amazing, huh? BitLife is a life simulator with a realism element to live another life. You will come across various adult decisions that include one-night stands, threesomes, illegal drugs, murder, and more. There will be no tutorials in this game as the mechanics are very self-explanatory. Just live the life you want!


This is a premium membership feature in the game that lets you do things like hire hitmen, purchase some exotic pets, and interact with your virtual boss or teacher. Also, as you reach the age of 18 in BitLife, you will be given the opportunity to choose between three career path choices.

  1. Education – if you choose to pursue your studies, you will be given the option to go to a college or university, whether it be Law School, Medical School, etc. If you want study well or slack off, it is entirely up to you.
  2. Military – You can also join the army, navy, or the air force.
  3. Jobs – You also have the choice to pursue white and blue collar jobs in Bitlife.

Assets & Relationship

Assets are material goods you’ll have in BitLife – Life Simulator. The things you can buy and sell such as cars or real estate. What will be your net worth in this virtual life

In BitLife, relationships can be either romantic or platonic. You will get to interact with different virtual people just like your parents, siblings, friends, love interests, and such. You will be able to do activities with them that will improve your relationship just like in simulation games.


Moreover, in BitLife – Life Simulator, there will be stuff that you can do in your free time. You can go visit places, do various activities. — anything that people normally do to entertain themselves and keep them occupied during their free time. You can even have plastic surgery! Surely, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Are you ready to start and live your virtual life? Will you make good choices and be set on the right path? Or, will you slip up and eventually ruin your life hitting rock bottom? Get the taste of the irony of life in this virtual world! Live your life now and download Bitlife for free on your PC!

If you can’t get enough of simulation games, there are a lot more waiting for you such as Design Home and The Sims Mobile, so make sure to download them now!

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Bitlife Blind Man
Bitlife Prison
Bitlife Haunted
Bitlife Awkward
Bitlife Aggravated
bitlife divorce husband options
Bitlife New Life




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